Google Tools for Marketing


If you’re a website owner, chances are that you would have heard the term SEO or search engine optimization many times before. However, you may be feeling overwhelmed by all of the advice you have read regarding which SEO tools will be best for the job. Here are just a few examples of highly rated search engine optimization utilities.


1. Google Webmaster Tools


Using Google’s free tools will also enable you to gain insight into what you need to do to improve your site’s visibility online. It allows you to see whether you have irrelevant keywords, whether you have duplicate information, where to find appropriate external links for your site and so much more. It will even advise you of potential penalties that your site could face by not using the correct SEO techniques.


2. Google Analytics



This handy tool will tell you where your site traffic is coming from, which keywords bring you the most traffic and even your site’s bounce rate (when visitors arrive and do not go beyond the landing page of it). Analytics can be a little complicated to use, but once you have taken the time to master it, you will wonder what you did without it.


3. Google Trends



Google trends allow you to input your chosen keywords and view a graph that will show whether they are still popular or not. It will even show you which regions or areas of the world your keywords will have the most impact in.


4. Google Keyword Tool


A free keyword tool with a lot of great features will help you identify how people search when preparing your advertising or SEO strategy.


5. Google Alerts


When trying to identify topics and industry chatter Google Alerts are an amazing way to keep track of things going on in any industry.


Using SEO tools need not cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, most of the really great ones are available free of charge and the freebies will usually provide you with just as much insight as their paid-for alternatives.