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Google are constantly coming up with innovative technologies. It is little surprise that they have established themselves as a leading business on a global scale. Their constant revitalisation and rejuvenation of their current platforms ensures that they sing to their own tune. They don’t follow the crowds. They are a leading player in internet progression and they pave the way for others to follow.

The new Google+ sign-in system

One of Google’s latest innovations revolves around a sign-in system placed on third party websites. In basic terms; any individual who has a Google account can sign into it with one mere click whilst on a third party website. Considering the fact that almost everybody who uses the internet has a Google account this is a pretty useful system. It is worth noting that the very first time you use this Google+ sign-in system you will have to go through a few procedures. However, once this is done, from here then on wards a mere click of your mouse will see you signed in. Quick, easy and convenient; everything the internet should be about!

More than a sign-in button

You are probably thinking: “ OK, so there is a new sign-in button, what’s the big deal?” That is an understandable thought; however the new Google+ sign-in system offers individuals a lot more than a quick procedure. Earlier it was mentioned that you will have to go through several processes upon your first use of this system. This is because you will need to set up your settings. These settings relate to your social sharing. You can decide how much information you wish to share with a certain group of people. For example, you may visit an online book club. Therefore, when you set your preferences you may decide to share any information on this website with several co-workers who you know are passionate about reading. It is not just about sharing information. You can pick a film and invite a friend to watch it; you can find scrumptious cocktails and send your friend a reservation to a cocktail bar; and you can even send your partner a little love song. The possibilities are vast.

Interactive SEO possibilities

Social networking, sharing possibilities and SEO are very much intertwined now. The new Google+ sign-in system will definitely provide businesses with the opportunity to advance their SEO to a platform that is more interactive and has more sharing possibilities. In the previous paragraph whereby information about the sign-in system was divulged it was very evident to see the huge potential for interaction. Examples were given about sharing cocktails, booking reservations, inviting friends to places, and so on and so forth. This alone marks the opportunity for SEO. There is mass opportunity for your products to be shared and therefore for your brand to be strengthened. There is also a huge platform for link building. After all, it is all about sharing and this all works towards building your SEO up.

Google’s latest sign-in system not only presents mass possibilities for the viewer but it also presents huge opportunities for the third party websites themselves and businesses when constructing their SEO campaigns. The sharing and interactive nature of this sign-in system is assured to take online sharing to the next level and businesses should jump on the wagon now and reap the rewards as soon as possible.

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Lisa jane is a qualified multimedia journalist. She used High Position to research information regarding the new Google+ sign-in system. She also likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO.