Google Instant Pages

Just how obsessed is Google with speed? Very! They have been working hard over the last few years to immensely speed up the process of how search query data is delivered to its users. Recently Google launched Instant Pages which aims at providing a user with their search results once Google is confident that is what they will be looking for.

“At Google we’re obsessed with speed. We’ve seen time and time again how an increase in apparent speed leads to a direct increase in user happiness and engagement. Instant Pages helps visitors arrive at your site faster. When we trigger Instant Pages for your site, users can start interacting with your site almost immediately, without having to wait for text and images to load. We’ll only trigger Instant Pages when we have very high confidence that your site is the exact result users are looking for. Search traffic will be measured in Webmaster Tools just like before this feature, with only results the user visited counted.”

This recent advancement with Google does not surprise me in the least. One of their strongest focus points currently is making things even quicker than ever before. With so much data to sift through and society generally in a frantic pace everyday data needs to be presented quickly.

From the Chromium Blog:

“What is prerendering? Sometimes a site may be able to predict with reasonable accuracy which link the user is most likely to click on next–for example, the ‘next page’ link in a multi-page news article. In those cases, it would be faster and better for the user if the browser could get a head start loading the next page so that when the user clicks the page is already well on its way to being loaded. That’s the fundamental idea behind prerendering. The browser fetches all of the sub-resources and does all of the work necessary to display the page. In many cases, the site simply seems to load instantly when the user clicks.”