Google Business Photographs

What is better than a nice Google Local Maps listing? A nice Google Local Maps listing with photos of your business taken by a Google photographer. Sure it might not be any different than you firing up your camera and taking some photos but it is just nice to see this corporate giant that we have all grown to love so much actually come out to your business and take the photos for you.

The best part…it’s FREE

Do you have a Google Maps listing that never seems to come up in the search results? There are a number of factors that could be preventing its visibility but it typically starts with the listing itself. Google likes it when you have it nicely filled in because that usually means the user experience will be that much better for anyone who bumps into. This means having photos of your business in the listing. Your Google local maps listing should always be filled in 100%. Even if the photos are boring add as many as you can.

Google would actually have their local system to be that much more robust so they are willing to send photographers to your business to help you out a bit. A better listed business is better for the user which in turn is better for Google as well. Learn more here about the program.