Google Web Designer Tool

In September 2013, Google unleashed its new Web designer tool for developing interactive HTML 5 sites and banners. Touted as the professional quality visual tool, the Web Designer is now in its public beta stage and is available for Windows and Mac platforms.

The Purpose

The tool aims to enable the designers to create HTML5 sites and ads that are easily accessible from the end user’s mobile phone or desktop application. The search engine giant has recognized that the developers who are advertisers did not have the tools required for developing site essentials fit for cross-platform experiences. This is why it has introduced Web Designer so that such experiences become not only possible but also enjoyable.

The Features

At its center, this visual tool support HTML5 but you can also look into the corresponding CSS and JavaScript for optimizing the different site aspects. In fact, the tool enables you to manage your entire code from a built-in editor as well as preview your created components directly in a browser. It has all the popular options and features that are available in a few advanced tools such as Adobe Muse and Reflow. A few of these most interesting ones developed by Google are a free-drawing pen and timeline for tackling with the animations. In addition, Web Designer allows you to create 3D components by harnessing the power of CSS3 and offers an array of in-built components for maps, galleries, and YouTube videos. Talking about creating an animation, it is one of the chief abilities of the application. This is evident through the Quick mode for creating animations on scene basis as well as an advanced mode for having more control over page elements.

Here is a sample of videos from the Google Web Designer YouTube channel showcasing some of the robust features.

While the default layouts of the tool cater to double-click media ads and ad mobile ads, there is virtually nothing in Web Designer to hinder designing interactive Web pages and ads for other purposes. However, a few features are only made available for ads although the future may witness them for other purposes, such as for Web pages.

Unlike other tools that posses some features of this Google delight, Web Designer is available for free. This is exactly where the tool seems to win the race, as the brand is pressuring the rivals in competition. Therefore, this tool is likely to exceed the demand currently made for the existing ones.

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