Helpful Google Videos


For those of you who have never heard of the Google Webmaster YouTube Channel you now do. For those of you who are serious about building up your online visibility the right way these videos can be extremely helpful. Who wouldn’t want to hear the tips straight from the horses mouth right?


Here are a few that we think are a bit more important.


Will backlinks lose their importance in ranking?


Backlinks still appear to be a very important element in determining website rankings, not the only element but an important element for sure.


How can small sites become popular?


Small sites have a great deal of potential you just need to think like a big site. Every website starts off small and has the ability to grow you just have to approach the process correctly.


How does Google separate popularity from authority?


Two very different things but both can be achieved by any website. You just need to have the right steps and a little bit of patience.


Are pages from social media sites ranked differently?


Even though the relationship between being visible organically and your usage on social media is still a little blurry there is some SEO weight given to users active in the social media space. It just depends on how you use it. Don’t believe me? Watch the video.


How can a site recover from a period of spamming links?


Building links should always be methodical and strategic. Building the wrong links could leave your website in some seriously hot water.