Google WordPress Plugin

WordPress has become a very popular blogging platform for a variety of obvious reasons. What started off as just a blogging platform years ago has now turned into a very important website building technology that many organizations large and small use every single day to build awareness. WordPress has also developed a large community of developers that are always looking to improve the platform by developing easy to use plugins that could be used for a variety resources to enhance any WordPress website.


Google has recently came out with an official Google Webmaster verification plugin to help WP users install Google Webmaster Tools on their WordPress website. If you are or want to be a WordPress power user plugins like this are going to be very important for future growth. Google Webmaster Tools is very important if you want to take the success of your online marketing serious.


For webmasters with self-hosted WordPress blogs, there’s now a Webmaster Tools site verifcation plugin for WordPress that completely automates our verification process! You can install it directly from the “Install Plugins” control panel built into your WordPress blog, or you can download the ZIP file from the WordPress plugin site. This plugin can only be used by self-hosted WordPress blogs; it can’t be installed on blogs hosted on


Google Webmaster Tools Plugin

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