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Search engine optimisation has changed significantly over the years; we can no longer build links in quantity with little effort. Due to Google algorithm changes we now need to create high quality content that gets noticed by the people of the internet. These two algorithm changes are known as Penguin and Panda. Panda has taken notice of all sites which are “content thin” and has deemed them low quality, meaning they will not be ranked highly. Penguin is much different; it scours and evaluates a website’s profile to check if the links indexed are high quality or low quality and “spammy”. Those with what Google deems as spam links will punish those sites and move them down the rankings accordingly.

A new technique of link building that has been introduced is guest posting. This form of link building involves sending out content to various niches; this consequently builds a natural link profile for your website. Here are five tips on how to use guest posting to benefit your website:

  • Posting niche content
  • Organisation
  • Social media
  • The exchange
  • Sourcing high quality prospects

Posting niche content

This is paramount to your success because if your content is irrelevant to the site in hand, Google will interpret it as spam. In order for the site to become better known and sustain links, you need to post on a niche that is relevant to your site. In order to find opportunities that allow you to easily find a niche, first try a few of these search queries:

  • Education: guest post
  • Education: send articles
  • Education: guest posting

Once you have exhausted such avenues, you may want to try forums such as Blogger link up and My Blog Guest. This is full of bloggers, hungry for niche content.


Being organised is pivotal to your campaign for various reasons. Firstly, you should organize all your content into separate folders so it is ready to gather immediately. Secondly, you should organise all your contacts on a spreadsheet. Sort these contacts by niche, page rank and domain authorities, then once you have built a relationship you should be able to send other pieces of content.

Social media

Social media is extremely effective for many reasons when it comes to guest posting. Firstly, each time you release a guest post you should promote it via Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. This will then get more traffic to your website and make the link more worthy. Social media is also an effective way to source prospects for link posting. You should build relationships with other blogs and ask them for a guest post on their site.

The exchange

As with everything in this world, nothing is free. A much used tactic in guest posting is known as a guest post exchange. This exchange means that both blogs give each other articles in return for a link. However, you need to make sure that you do not participate in reciprocal linking as this would prove unnatural and send negative signals to Google. Having high PR sites can ensure you get other high pr sites, making it useful to own blogs to leverage more links.

Source high quality prospects

In order to make sure your link profile is successful, you need to ensure gain high quality niche links. Other the penguin update will penalize you for having low quality links. In order to source high quality links you should look at a blogs metrics, these metrics indicate their traffic, Alexa ranking and page rank. There are hundreds of plug-in available on the markets that allow you to do this.


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