Holistic Digital Marketing


The marketing and advertising industry is changing quickly as digital marketing is overwhelming brands and businesses with a new way to interact with consumers. Not only does the concept of digital marketing seem new and daunting, but its trends and norms are changing constantly. As traditional marketers move toward digital, many individuals believe that simply participating in some of the online community is enough to keep their brand relevant. Unfortunately for these less integrated companies, they are losing out to digital marketing campaigns and platforms that are holistic.


For traditional companies, developing a multifaceted digital marketing approach might seem unnecessary because traditional marketing worked in the past. In order to keep a stable client base and establish new customers, brands and businesses must understand the importance of digital marketing.


Establishing a holistic approach might including hiring a professional marketing company or marketer or doing a whole lot of research. Whatever your approach might be, here are 10 reasons why it is absolutely important for you to have a well-developed digital marketing approach.


Information is Power!

Digital marketing offers a variety of resources for individuals to track information and analytics on their ad campaigns and customer relationships. If you have a website, you can track how many people access your site and from what general location. If you can extend this to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google, you can compare data. Understanding how your campaigns run on different platforms gives you an idea of your target audience and how to appeal to them.


When you’re able to look at charts and data, you or your marketing manager can make informed decisions on how to proceed with future campaigns and areas that need improvement.


Your Business Will Appear Alive and Well

You don’t always know how users find out about your brand or service. In some cases, they are coming from a Google search, in other cases they are clicking through Facebook pages. You want your brand to reach out to consumers in a fairly universal way. If one part of your digital marketing is empty or unloved, you might be losing a large chunk of potential clients. For example, you might have a stellar website, but your Facebook account hasn’t been updated in three years. If a user ends up on your Facebook account that doesn’t have a link to your website, they might think you’re out of business!


Holistic digital marketing shows that you’re putting care into how your brand is viewed to consumers. If you put extra effort into making your digital marketing campaigns attractive and present, consumers will notice.


3. You Can Offer a Clear Voice

One of the most important elements of an effective brand campaign is cohesiveness. If you can establish a specific tone, look, and logo that is used across different forms of digital marketing, consumers will recognize your brand wherever they see it.


Similarly, you want to make sure all of your avenues are up-to-date on important information. When users search your service or product online, they don’t want to feel confused or uncomfortable when they access your website or social media platforms. If there is an conflicting information like price points, open hours, or contact information, consumers are less likely to trust your company.


4. The Internet Gives You Room to Grow

Over time, your brand’s appeal and target group might change and expand. Multi-pronged digital marketing gives you the opportunity to adjust your brand’s message efficiently and effectively to cater to your target audience. Because your digital marketing approach is well-balanced, you can reach out to more consumers every day and make decisions based on what’s working and what’s not.


5. The Monetary Return Is Simply Higher

You might think it’s more worth it to save a little money on a few aspects on your marketing campaign that into the deep end. However, when you skimp on some areas of digital marketing, you lose more revenue from potential clients than the money you save.


When you’re paying for some elements of digital marketing, you’re really just wasting your money because without other pieces of the whole, you aren’t getting the full benefits of a digital marketing campaign.


6. Recognition

As a result of consistency across multiple platforms, people might start to recognize your brand even if they aren’t looking into your service or product. If there’s a logo that appears on multiple pages that they are accessing online–while searching something on Google, looking at pictures on Facebook, scanning through emails–it will start to become part of the norm. If your brand is part of the day-to-day, then you’ll probably be getting a new client once they need your service or product.


7. You Can Establish Pride in Your Employees

If your brand or logo is recognized by users, employees will be more interested telling their friends and family about their job and the company they work for. A holistic approach to digital marketing generally involves everyone within a company, so each employee will have a different role in promoting your brand. This way, employees will feel more comfortable talking about their work because they know the voice that their company is taking.


8. It Doesn’t all Rest on One Account

Chances are that mistakes will be made, maintenance checks will happen, and you don’t want it all to come down on your company when your single digital outlet fails. Let’s say you only want to develop your company’s website, but not the social channels. If someone forgets to pay the server bill or the site provider goes down for a few hours, your clients won’t be able to access information or contact your company. On the other hand, if you have a Facebook account with most of the pertinent information, clients can still reach out to your company, and nothing is lost!


9. You Learn More

Different outlets function in different ways. Updating a Facebook account is different from writing copy for email campaigns. As an individual, you probably can’t manage an entire brand’s digital marketing campaign on your own, but you can understand how different aspects of digital marketing work for the campaign.


When your approach is holistic, you can identify different areas of digital marketing that you want to focus on at a time. Maybe your Facebook is at a great place with likes, but website traffic has never been slower. Understanding a holistic approach to digital marketing means looking into the areas that are falling short of your expectations.


10. It Just Looks Good

There aren’t a lot of websites these days that don’t have social icons sitting at the bottom of every page. Having access to different kind of digital marketing makes your company seem relevant and willing to adapt to the time. Holistic digital marketing gives you a chance to reach out to consumers in a different way. There are benefits to different platforms, but no on platform trumps the rest. A multifaceted approach allows you to provide images, text, video, and audio content in a way that it has never been experienced before. So be ahead of the curve!