Search marketing services can often times be a strange purchase for many business owners just because it is such an intangible purchase. How do you quantify results? Is anything working how it is supposed to? These are questions all website owners ask themselves when they approach the process of marketing a website to the online community. You need to realize that things take time with internet marketing. There is a great deal of noise and clutter in the web and it is increasing every single day by leaps and bounds. Search marketing is something you need to be doing regardless.

Here are some things to look out for:

1: Visitors

Have your visitors increased according to your analytics information? If they have then the wheels are starting to spin with your SEO. Don’t worry about how many extra visitors you have received just be happy that there is an increase at all. Driving traffic to a website can be very difficult and each site takes time especially if you are in a competitive space. With repetition your visitors to your website will continue to increase but you have to be patient and have a strategic plan of attack in place to keep that traffic coming your way.

2. Activity

Have you seen more activity at your place of business? More leads? More phone calls? Whatever it might be look out for increased activity after you have spent some time marketing yourself online. Over time you are going to see a steady increase of movement occurring at your business if your search marketing is being handled the right way.

3. Movement

Don’t worry about ranking number one for every keyword in your industry, that is a bit greedy and it takes time. Look out for any movement first, is a page of your website now on page 5 when has been sitting on page 25 for two years? I would say that is a nice move to start. Getting into the top three parking spaces for all your keywords is a lofty goal especially if that space has been occupied for many years by the same web pages or websites.

You have to be realistic with your search marketing and take the time to realize that any movement is good movement in the web world. There is a lot of junk and clutter that each website needs to push through in order to stick out and shine and this takes time.