Fun with Pinterest


If you haven’t heard of Pinterest yet you better climb out from under the rock you have sleeping under and take a little peek at society. Pinterest is a wildly successful new bookmarking tool that takes a whole different and creative spin on allowing the community to showcase things they like via links.


How to pin on Pinterest


First you have to sign up for an account. Currently there is a short wait for some new accounts so you will have to be patient until they respond back and email you a confirmation link. Once you get your account up and running you are going to see an “add” button in the top right hand corner of your computer monitor.


Pinterest Add Button


When you click on this button you are going to get the following screen where you are going to see an “add pin” icon. You are going to want to click that.


Pinterest Add Pin


Next screen you are going to want to paste the URL to the link you are trying to pin and show the world.


Pinterest Add URL


After you submit your URL you are going to see this screen which is one of the more important ones if you want others to see your pin.


Pin It


First, you are going to want to make sure the image you are choosing is the right one. Images are important if you are serious about click through rates. Next, you will want to choose the board or category to pin the content to. You can also create a whole new board if you plan on pinning more related items in the future to that specific topic. Third, you want to add a description describing your pin so others see what your pin is all about.


Then hit the big ole red “pin it” button and you are done pinning! Fun huh?