Is there such thing as to much SEO? Yes. From time to time I bump into a website or a blog where the owner has simply read too much information and their mind is racing around the world of search engine optimization. 35 hyper linked keywords in the text, way too many keywords in the text and a meta title tag that doesn’t seem to quit. There is a thin line between too much SEO and not enough and it is important to distinguish between the two.

Meta Title Tag

There is no reason why you need to shove 16 keywords into the title tag on any page of your website. Your title tags should be under 60 characters and written tastefully utilizing some keywords. Forcing a whole handful of them into your title tag is not going to do anything for your website in the long run. It also hurts your user experience from the sense that when someone does see that page in the search results they might not even click on it if it wasn’t constructed to the nature of the content on that specific page.


There is such a thing as way too much interlinking. Your text shouldn’t have more hyperlinks than actual text. That might get someone sick and not to mention the user experience to have some read that is awful, no one should ever have to go through that. Interlink a few key phrases to either outside sources or important pages of your website and you will see much more of an impact.

Too Many Keywords

Remember that at the end of the day it is a human that will purchase from your business or have to call you so you have to write your website copy for humans first and foremost. Keywords and good copy is very important but your keyword density could be a problem if you over stuff the text with words. You want to approach everything you do online with taste.

Whenever you do anything online to your website ask yourself if it looks natural. If it looks out of place and just doesn’t feel natural there is a good possibility it just might be over optimized. Take your time and do it right and don’t just hire someone to do it for you because they charge $49.95. Research the company and person doing to see if they are capable of achieving the task at hand the right way.