Infographics are fun

While textual content has been the traditional way of connecting with your readers, infographics is now taking the limelight in communicating vital business information to your target readers. It is considered as a powerful tool that you can use in promoting content that Google will love and will likely give some attention. Using infographics for your content presentation can be very appealing to Google and here are some helpful tips to get you started

The basic about infographics

Infographics are visual and graphically presented in the form of graphs and charts to express and communicate knowledge and data to your target readers. It is used to simply complex information more clearly and to enhance your readers’ understanding. It is widely used in information design, visualization of data and information architecture. Infographics are used for digital marketing and is considered to be effective in search engine optimization. Google loves good infographics and it gives credit to websites that are using it for their content presentation.

Infographics and SEO

Why many digital marketing schemes now apply infographics in their SEO is highly influenced by research studies that provide that about 90% of the information that the brain processes are visual. Creating high quality infographics in your digital marketing campaign can help boost your website ranking in the search engine because Google loves this kind of marketing information online. Moreover, infographics are 30 times more interesting and likely to be read as compared to textual information. It is also reported by online publishers that the use of infographics in their marketing campaign boosts their business by about 12% more than its usual online marketing performance.

Infographics is becoming a trend in the social media marketing industry as well. More social media users are becoming more engaged in sharing informative and good infographics. Google gives a higher credit on infographics are worth sharing by the search engine users that is why many marketers and SEO professionals are leveraging on infographics to complement and boost their SEO efforts. What infographics can do in helping you get more traffic on your website is significant. The more social shares your infographics are able to make, the more Google like it. It is a chain reaction where as more people begin to share and read your infographics, the more it will attract Google in ranking your business or website to rank high on the search. It is thus a good SEO tool to use for driving traffic to your site with a higher SEO ranking.

How to make Google love your infographics

In order to leverage on the benefits of infographics to your SEO campaign you should make the effort to make one that will be very appealing to Google. Infographics can help you attain different marketing goals but your ultimate challenge is how to make it appealing enough to Google. Whatever your marketing goals are, you should make Google love you in order to attain the results that you want. You can make your infographics more entertaining and worth sharing to make Google like it with these tips:

1. Write accurate content for your infographics

Shared infographic content will ultimately attract Google to your website. You can make your content more appealing to your readers by writing accurate information with targeted infographic content that will engage your readers immediately. This is the first step to consider whenever you are plotting your infographic marketing scheme. It is worth noting that your infographic should present important details and information and try to leave out the unimportant ones. Making your infographic design more precise in content will help it to reach out to your readers more quickly. Do not overwhelm your readers with loads of information. Instead, only filter the most valuable ones.

The essence of infographics is to simplify complex information to make your readers understand conveniently. A powerful infographics is one that can communicates information to your readers through comprehensive graphic presentation. This kind of infographics can possibly go viral because it can disseminate accurate information with better accuracy and conciseness to your reader understanding. Make your research before posting your infographic content. Do not stretch the truth and present only what are important and relevant to your readers, no more no less. The more accurate your infographic content, the more likely it is worth sharing that can prompt Google to like your site for search engine ranking.

2. Work out your infographic design

Your infographic design is very crucial in order to engage your readers. There are different ways in which you can possibly improve your graphic design to make it more appealing to Google and to your online visitors.

Infographic design color

It is crucial to use complementary colors for your infographics to make it more visually attractive to your readers. Your goal is to make people notice your design and to engage them to your graphic content. Make sure to take advantage of the proper color scheme to use for your design to psychologically engage your viewers better. Your font color choices can affect the moods and behavior of your visitors. Simple and light colors are simpler and gentler to the senses.

Infographic font option

The kind of font that you use for your infographic design will affect the way it can appeal your viewers. As a rule, your font option should be one that will be easy to read. Sans Serif font is a better choice than the Serif fonts. Arial and Times Roman are also better options. Whatever your choices are, just make sure that you choose the one that will be easier to read and comes at a decent font size. Take advantage of using bolder and bigger fonts in words that you want to emphasize to your viewers.

Use colorful illustrations

In order to make your infographic design more appealing, you should use different kinds of illustration designs to entertain your viewers. Use pie charts or graphs when presenting percentages instead of numbers. You can also use other illustration designs for presenting a procedure, statistics reports and ideas.

3. Use Google Databoard

This is a new Google tool that can help you create your own infographic designs that are influenced by industry researches from Google itself. The Google Databoard allows you to explore the possibilities of a positive marketing approach to take when creating your infographics. As a tool, it can help you create visually appealing charts and information and to curate different customized infographics from Google research. The Google Databoard is currently exclusive in the mobile industry research which is an excellent way of driving traffic to your site through a mobile marketing campaign approach for your business. You can always drive Google to like your infographics which are derived from its own research.

4. Working out your infographic content

The content of your infographic designs are valuable to make them more appealing to Google. Keeping in mind the important elements of a good content is crucial. Always keep in mind your customers when writing content and it should address what they need to make it useful to them. The key is to write informative, helpful and entertaining content to engage your readers and make them share it to others. To market your business more effectively in your infographics, it should contain at least one link to your business product or services. Your goal should also make your infographic convert into sales therefore it must include a call to action as well.