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Digital marketing changes at a very high speed. Marketers are presently facing a range of new tools, platforms and technologies which promise to change all things. With a lot of fluctuation, it is necessary to filter core trends from noise for understanding what would shape digital marketing landscape in this year.

Following are five trends of digital marketing for embracing now and keep ahead of curve in the year 2013:

Increasing Number of Digital Marketing Agencies

At the moment online marketing is about to take full mass market with the laggers and the late majority. A well-known feature of laggers is that they like products at very affordable prices, tested products and bundled products. Such factors contribute to increase in the agencies of digital marketing; from consultants and owner-operated agencies all the way to the creative agencies that are giving full span of the online services that are sophisticated. The agency of digital marketing is just about to grow.

Data Becomes Crucial

Digital data growth would be 44 times more in the year 2020 than it was in the year 2009. This data volume production is quiet overwhelming for the marketers; agencies and the marketers would need to translate, interpret and analyze that data into meaningful actions and insight. Attributing the revenue to correct marketing source would be increasingly necessary. More B2B companies would adopt the multi-channel reporting for judging effectiveness of the channel mix and set incremental contributions of every channel. In addition to that, these analytics would be used for refining targeting and segmentation.

Marketers Study Technology

Code is the universal language of internet and it is considered to be the foundation of all digital things. Marketers and agencies would be anticipated to understand everything’s back-end as level of complexity for delivering on the brand engagement and the revenue growth across many channels increases. Knowing API and the way to build interface for creating the actionable and simple reports would become the marketing requirement. For that reason, the year 2013 would see a very significant rise in number of collaborations between marketing technologies and agency.

Responsive Sites

Experience of user is becoming a main part of all websites whereas; personalization is at its core. The personalization would grow and services which offer ability of personalizing experience would emerge also, no matter, it is self-select preference, login-based or cookie based.

Growing Importance of Content Creation

Content marketing is about to become core of all marketing initiatives for the B2B marketing and B2C. As the year 2013 is passing, we would see services solutions and the software for the syndication and the content creation grow and emerge as the companies try leveraging content for the demand generation.

Stronger Online – Offline Connection

Today, there is so much discussion about connection between physical and digital world. Cross-channel campaigns would include offline events like networking events, city tours, trade shows and direct mail. Companies have to tie offline events to an online engagement for measuring the impact of cross-channel campaigns. Being related to the customer in all contexts improves the awareness of brand, and engagement would ultimately result in more customers. Customers no more have got simply online or simply offline experiences; they have got integrated brand experiences.

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Build the Brand

Growing demand of popularity and exposure has landed several organizations into a creative dilemma. Setting up the correct pace with the evolving world has called for the incorporation of intuitive techniques for marketing the products well. The penetrability of internet has added largely to these marketing strategies involving digital marketing into the picture. This process mainly uses the social media and other digital tools to promote the products and services placing the organization a cut above the rest. The best strategies adopted includes the digital marketing campaigns which have a telling influence on the customers making them more inclined towards the media oriented techniques of service optimization.

Enumerating the Benefits

With marketing being the most imperative of the business considerations, digital marketing comes up as an effective exponent of the techno-marketing scenario providing the owners with a flexibility to involve better products and also to enhance the outreach of the organizations. Some of the beneficial attributes associated are:

  • Cost effectiveness- traditional approaches can be highly expensive with larger manpower and associated techniques. Digital marketing techniques involve sleek and cost effective techniques as the internet and web based applications form a major part of these strategies. The attributes are well devised and the plans are grafted keeping the costing less.
  • Enhanced Outreach- digital marketing techniques involve several advantages and one among these includes the outreach capability. These marketing techniques involve email and internet based features which cater to the global audience on the whole.
  • Analytics- this term measures the marketing techniques adopted involving enhanced focus and brushing up the associated techniques. Digital marketing involves better analytics enabling better returns.
  • Letting in the human-ware- these changes incorporate the digital man power which are required in lesser numbers and can deftly change the associated theories.
  • Reduced logistics- Strategies involving logistics and other techniques are required in lesser numbers with the digital marketing techniques as proper manpower aided with better connectivity is all that is required.

Optimizing Sales with Better Strategies

Growing up as a brand requires some elective digital marketing tools and measures. These techniques need to be incorporated to enhance the sale and reputability of the online brands. Some of the major incorporations involve:

  • Better products and technologies need to be devised for making the scenario look viable. These need to be given precedence over the marketing strategies as a good product will naturally enhance the sale even with lesser marketing techniques.
  • Identifying the niche audience and modifying product schemes accordingly. Proper keywords need to be use both short and long tailed to enhance the online visibility. Website optimizations are needed with enhancing the conversion rate enhancing the traffic and the customer conversion readily. This provides stat business leads and increases online sales.
  • Content needs to be connective which helps facilitate better communication. This can be initiated using emails and other marketing tools which are useful in making impacts online.
  • Organic methods are needed to initiate an SEO process or strategy which allows the customers to make the best use of the keywords without stuffing and black hat techniques.
  • PPC strategies and campaigns are quite useful in enhancing the traffic and online credibility. The pay per click mechanism allows more customers to visit the site and post the opinions and teasers thus implementing a holistic digital marketing strategy.


We can thus conclude that digital marketing allows effective brand optimization making the products and services get noted precedence over the selected online domains. These strategies coupled with mobile marketing and content marketing system can help the organization reap rich dividends.

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