International Rankings
Establishing strong rankings in foreign countries you expand to is crucial to remaining competitive and profitable. It gets somewhat difficult and near impossible to do so, however, since resources are spread out too thinly. You’d want to be able to boost your rankings in international borders while holding ground on domestic territory. Here are five ways you can do so without breaking the bank.


Be Honest

Honesty is a universal trait that’s appreciated by human beings. Be honest with what you display on your website, what promotions you offer, and what products/services you are providing. Content and site structure that are misleading and shady not only reflects poorly on your brand but can affect your search engine rankings as well. Some techniques to avoid include using cloaking technology to display an entirely different site from what visitors are actually seeing and using doorway pages, both of which violate Google’s Terms of Services contract. Break Google’s trust and your international rankings are certain to drop.


Don’t Stuff Keywords

Effective search engine optimization or SEO for short is an invaluable tool for boosting your rankings on search engine result pages. And a big no-no for maintaining a well-optimized global website is to avoid keyword stuffing into your content. Write as natural as possible when putting up content for your site. There’s one or two spaces in it where you’ll be able to fit your desired keywords. Also, make sure to use geo-targeted keywords that will be searched for by local visitors and consumers.


International Keywords

Be Respectful of Culture

Your site’s content should be neutral and respectful of different cultures and religions that other foreign countries are practicing. Do your research on what a particular demographic finds interesting and what they find offensive. What local content should you avoid posting and what are engaging materials that will get them to sign up and buy from you? Be mindful of your decisions as a business and acknowledge the fact that even the most minor of decisions you make will be criticized and viewed by a broad audience.


Make Sure They Understand

Being able to communicate your content to a foreign audience is harder than it looks. Not everyone speaks English or whatever native language you are using for your business’ website. Fortunately, Google Translate and other translation software are paving the way for a more effective means of data dissemination. In fact, there are over 200 million users of free translation services per day. These widgets can be integrated quite easily and require almost no maintenance. Being able to convey your messages clearly and with the same gravity is important to inspiring action from your buyers, and this is exactly what a translation program offers.


Look Strong in Your Domestic Activities

If a buyer from another country is planning to buy a product or service from you, they’ll likely do some research beforehand, which will bring them to your domestic homepage where they will scrutinize your activities and dealings. Showing a weak domestic brand will make your foreign consumers think twice about investing in your products/services. Strengthen your headquarters and invest in industry talent. Build your assets portfolio and work with other online businesses. Get your site reviewed by third parties and use the reviews in your testimonials page.


Boosting your rankings in foreign soil increases sales and profits and further legitimizes your brand worldwide. The path, although seemingly linear, will impose several challenges and resistance along the way including stretched resources, closer scrutiny by a global audience, and so on. It is important to remain positive and view the challenges as the next levels of your business’ growth and success.