Marketing with Google

As a growing Internet marketer you might wonder as to how to get traffic to your content without Google. It is indeed possible to get traffic to your website from sources other than Google provided you adhere to some innovative Internet marketing tips. You would be glad to know that you can get traffic to your business even without your website ranking in Google. Imagine your website flooded with visitors without search engine optimization! Free traffic without Google has been a hot topic for quite some time now thanks to fresh Internet marketers trying new methods to enhance their website traffic in effective ways.

Forum Posting

Posting in forums is one of the most effective methods of getting unique traffic to your site. In fact you would be happy to find potential visitors through forum posting. You will have to rely heavily on niche forums to post links to your business website in order to boost its traffic. That’s because niche forums provide you with a solid base of potential prospects for your products. Niche marketing through forums is gaining a lot popularity these days primarily because of the fact it needs no SEO much to your delight.

Blog Commenting

Leaving valuable comments on blogs go a long way in enhancing the online presence of your business website. Blog commenting does a world of good to the link popularity of your site. It has the ability to build the credibility of your website as well. You will have to be careful when leaving comments on blogs. You would do well to choose related and relevant blogs on the Internet in order to post your blog comments. On the other hand if you post your comments on irrelevant or unrelated blogs you could face the danger of getting dubbed as a spammer in the long run. It is indeed true that the traffic you get from external blogs through blog commenting is not dependent on Google. 

Social Media Sites

It is not a bad idea at all to drive high quality traffic to your site from social media sites or social networking sites. These sites can really help you when it comes to increasing the popularity of your website. One of the finest advantages of building traffic from social media sites is that your brand authenticity can improve by leaps and bounds in a short span of time! People keep visiting your business website again and again. In other words you would easily get repeat visitors to your site through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to mention but a few.


It may be true that YouTube is owned by Google but at the same time most of the traffic to YouTube comes from people that intent to use it to find the videos of their choice. Hence YouTube should be viewed as a source of free traffic not reliant on Google much to your contentment. If you really want to put YouTube to good use you should think in terms of creating unique videos with a view to promote your business website or product. It is extremely important that you make use of the targeted keywords when creating your YouTube videos. By doing so you would be amazed to get unique traffic to your website or to your content without Google!

Don’t worry if your business website does not rank very high in Google. At the same time make sure its traffic is sustained by following all the tips suggested above. You would certainly see better results in the course of time in the form of leads and sales generation. As a matter of fact more and more Internet marketers are resorting to various methods that are not reliant on the power of Google to drive potential prospects to their websites. Although these methods have the capabilities to bring about the desired results rather slowly enormous benefits would accrue from them much to your joy. The latest Google Panda update might have imposed some principles to be followed by an Internet marketer but make sure you follow all the steps discussed above to build up a profitable affiliate marketing business even without relying on Google! It is up to you to use the traffic resources on the Internet to nicety.

Author Bio:
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