Internet Marketing for a Sinking Brand

Internet marketing is the process of using the Internet extensively to promote a retailer’s products and services, using different methods. Over the years, marketing over the Internet has become more and more popular than traditional marketing methods because of its numerous advantages, like lower expenses to market the product, easier traceability of marketing statistics, and the potential to reach a much wider variety of customers which is not only restricted to one area, but to the whole world.

Because of these numerous advantages, a growing number of business owners use the Internet very extensively to market their products on a much wider scale. In addition, with such number, it’s a tough competition ahead. So how does an entrepreneur survive this currently saturated market today? It only requires some careful thinking, and a lot of determination.

Choose Your Mastery

Online advertising is further divided into different methods, which include (but not limited to), display advertising, e-mail marketing, search engine marketing and optimization, etc. Moreover, with the advent of social media extensions like Facebook, Twitter, social blogs, etc., the marketers’ options has increasingly expanded.

The key to be successful in Internet marketing is to first focus on one method that you’re comfortable with, build upon it, and once you’re seeing great results in it, stick with it and move on to another method. Having many marketing options is always an advantage, but you must not spend your resources and time too thin on multiple methods, since each method can have varying degrees of success. It’s always best to stick with one method, one at a time, until you master it, and then master another method.

Build Consumer Trust

Be also aware that the users behind the Internet are still humans, and that they still care for their security and privacy over the Internet. Since many users are aware of the privacy concerns associated with online advertising, and has found many ways to block it, instead of forcefully finding methods to “breach” them, it’s more ethical for marketers to build some trust to the end-users. For example, using ads that are not too distracting to the user, and even using rating systems and testimonials on their products to build consumers’ trust on your company. More importantly, do not forget to place a “Privacy Policy” page on your website, to help ease the users’ minds.

Consumer trust is very important for Internet marketing, and when you can muster it, it will contribute greatly to your marketing efforts.

Innovation & Determination

The Internet marketing industry is an ever-growing industry that always changes as time passes by, and if you can’t stay up-to-date, you’ll be quickly left behind. Always do your research on the new and upcoming technologies today, and use them to your advantage on your marketing methods. Always be adaptable, and innovative in your marketing.

Above, don’t give up. Good results don’t happen overnight. It always takes a lot of time. Always be persistent, and soon enough, consumers will notice your marketing efforts, and your revenue will surely boost up.

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Avirat leads SEO at Prismic Reflections. Prismic Reflections provides top class internet marketing services to their clients.

Pinterest for Internet Marketing

The term “Internet Marketing” has become an all encompassing term that relates to the several marketing avenues that the internet can provide to small, medium and even large businesses. Over the last few years one of the most popular avenues of internet marketing has become social media. With sites like Facebook and Twitter providing businesses with such great feedback, client conversation rates and interaction, it’s no wonder these sites have been on the forefront of every business marketers mind. But there is a new kid on the block and this social media site is the fastest growing site in the world, providing seemingly endless opportunities for businesses as they create their internet marketing strategies.

The New Kid on the Block:

Launched less than a few short years ago, Pinterest is offering businesses a new, improved and unique way to market companies via the internet. Millions of users from all over the globe share photo collections through the site and offer each other a new way of social media sharing. Businesses are using this new phenomenon to share photos in a business related manner and creating new internet marketing strategies.

Creating a Strategy and Pinning Style

Pinterest has three defined ways that businesses use Pinterest to market. Each way has a defined style that relates to how businesses utilize the site and how their followers may see them. To use Pinterest as internet marketing for a company, businesses must first define which type of user they will like to be.

  • A Re-pinner

Businesses that are defined as re-pinners mostly post images that on their accounts that are re-pinned. This means they see images on the site that relate to their brand and re-pin them. These pins are mostly of advice, DIY guides and recipes.

  • A Maven

Mavens are considered to use Pinterest as a storage and information location of things they’ve found from across the web. Most images posted are not their own and came from blogs, articles and websites across the internet.

  • A Displayer

Many companies that are considered displayer Pinterest users are those with products to sell as opposed to services. They mostly post their own images from their company website or blog and post little else.

Mavens are considered the most beneficial type of business Pinterest user, often gaining the most re-pins, clicks and overall results. Displayers more often receive the least amount of user interaction, conversion and feedback.

Get Social

The most successful businesses on Pinterest get social with their pinning. Implementing Pinterest to an internet marketing strategy must include the full circle of social media, meaning that Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all come together to share the same information to potential consumers and clients.

Post Quality, Relatable Images

A good example of businesses using relatable and quality images on Pinterest is in the housing/real estate industry. For example, if a user was searching Pinterest for Naples homes for sale, several images may come up of lovely homes that are actually for sale in Naples, Florida. The images would need to be high quality and relatable, maybe a clear photo of a lovely kitchen or the exterior of a home with palm trees. The photo would then link back to the real estate agent or home builder’s website, creating an opportunity for Pinterest users to see more of that particular business. By posting high quality, relatable images, companies can get more clicks through, drive website traffic and have a high conversion rate.

Internet Marketing for Your Company

Internet marketing with Pinterest can be a valuable asset for a business and through determining a pinning style, getting social and posting quality, relatable images; Pinterest can be a great internet marketing tool for your business.


Sam Weston has worked in and around home sales in Naples, Florida for the past several years. When he’s not hard at work helping families find their dream homes, he can usually be seen on one of Naples’s amazing golf courses.

Internet Marketing Tips

The impact of the Internet on today’s culture has been impossible for businesses to ignore. Yet a lot of brick-and-mortar businesses have responded to the perceived need for an online presence simply by putting up a company Web site with informative content. For anyone familiar with the vast array of marketing options the Internet offers, this is clearly a waste. Here are some of the choices for building an online business presence:

Online Sales – Being able to sell your products and services in any part of the world is one of the most revolutionary business concepts the Internet has introduced. Yet a lot of businesses ignore the option of online sales simply because they only want to distribute their products and services locally. This outlook ignores a lot of advantages that online selling provides even for local businesses, such as reduced work per customer for the on-site sales force, the ability to sell gift coupons, and being able to allow the potential customer to immediately act on any promos or special offers posted online.

E-newsletter – This allows a business to keep in touch with its customers, increasing the likelihood of repeat sales not only with greater customer recall but also by being able to inform past clients of any new promos, products, or developments. Anyone opting for this route needs to pay close attention to subject lines and content, though, since missteps here can result in your newsletter ending up in the spam bin. It’s a good idea to test drafts by sending them to friends or other people in the organization, just to make sure they end up in the inbox.

Social Networking – Facebook and Twitter are the current frontier in the battle for the customer’s time and money. Facebook pages are becoming SOP for a new business trying to build awareness, and Twitter is one of the easier ways to get ads out – once you add an RSS or Twitter feed to an ad, the ad automatically goes on the social network sites. Using social media for advertising also needs care and discretion in order to avoid irritating the potential customer. The digital consumer’s expectations of control regarding how and when they interface with advertising should be respected, and this poses a greater challenge to the creative talents of the ad creator since ads need to be engaging enough for the viewer to voluntarily engage with them.

Just like the traditional forms of marketing, however, in Internet marketing you cannot simply keep throwing out money and time and expect results – the business owner needs to choose the specific marketing tool according to their needs, and any efforts should be tested and their results assessed continuously. Fortunately, numbers and statistics are easy to come by in the digital world. Traditionally important statistics such as turnover and conversion rates, as well as newer markers such as click-through rate and viewership, are easy to quantify, analyze, and mull over. The availability of data is in fact revolutionizing marketing: From a field once ruled by gut feel and decision-makers with a large amount of discretionary power, it’s now evolving into a discipline capable of pinpointing who you want to reach, where you need to go in order to reach them, and how effective your methods are, starting from getting the prospect’s interest to adding numbers to the bottom line.


Brandon Peters is  an entrepreneur, amateur photographer, and content writer for Koeppel Direct. He also writes content for successful online vendors such as  Tradequip and Trade-A-Plane.

Small Business Visibilty

There can be no doubt that online marketing is a growing field. In fact, throughout these tough economic times, the digital sector has continued to show strong growth. Of course, much of this increase in uptake can be attributed to larger companies – the multinationals who had the foresight to stay ahead of a rapidly changing online landscape, as well as a size-able budget to implement their plans.

These big corporations tend to have in-house online PR and marketing staff, meaning that they are ready to adapt to new situations. Smaller businesses don’t have this ability, and in fact, they probably don’t need it. But it should be regarded as essential for every business to have its own website and preferably a number of social media profiles. Many small business owners have recognised this, and have become a part of the new digital economy. What benefits are they enjoying?

Establishing a Presence

Local Online Presence

The most basic reason for small businesses to get on the web is that they are expected to do so. In a time when we are depending upon the internet more and more for a wide variety of tasks, the average customer will not be searching the Yellow Pages for local companies. Instead, they will be using a search engine. Your company will be invisible to many potential customers if it lacks a website. Now that so many of us are turning to the online world for products and services instead of walking into the town centre, your website is your shopfront. A basic site with information on your services and contact information is cheap and easy to set up, so there’s no excuse!

Communicating Effortlessly

Social media platforms are a great way to establish a link with potential consumers. Not only do they add another form of online presence over and above your website; they put you on the same plane as the people you want to sell to. Social media marketing is effective for two reasons. Firstly, you are communicating with your target market via a medium that they have chosen to sign up for, and which they probably spend deal of time on. Secondly, there is great potential for viral growth. Social networks are a fantastic resource because when a customer ‘shares’ something that you have posted, they are implicitly endorsing your business. Their contacts are then more likely to view you in a beneficial light, thus making them more likely to also interact with your profile.

Easily Publicising Incentives

The viral potential of social networking makes it child’s play to attract more traffic and, hopefully, sales. By running a competition for a comparatively low-value item, such as a free cinema ticket or something from your shop, you can achieve massive exposure. Do this by requiring each entrant to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ your page before they can be entered into the draw. Once again, you are receiving a subtle endorsement from each entrant, and you are making it more likely that increased numbers of people will be exposed to your messages. This is because once they have ‘liked’ your page, consumers will see your status updates in their home feed.


Thomas Jones is Content Manager for I Say! Digital, the outsourced SEO specialists. Though he mainly takes care of copywriting and content creation services, he is training to become a social media consultant. In his spare time, you might find him brewing his own beer and talking politics.

Frustrated with SEO

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So many people believe that SEO involves simply jamming a few keywords on your page and building a couple of links. SEO marketing is actually much more complicated than that, and with such a simplistic strategy, your SEO plan likely won’t get you very far. Keep these SEO challenges in mind when you build your strategy.

Fierce Competition

The competition for space on the Internet is staggering. Thousands of other websites are vying for the same readers you are, and they are placing content, advertisements and social media pages in the same places you are. Many may even be going beyond that. The ones who have the edge are the companies who use SEO experts in placing their content. If you don’t strategically plan out your SEO efforts, you will lag far behind the pack in terms of attracting and keeping your target market.

Here is an example for the phrase “SEO services“. Keep your eye out on the number that reads 63 million results. That is the competition that someone targeting that phrase has to go up against. These types of numbers exist in almost all business verticals. Just in case you are wondering why that article you wrote isn’t ranking just yet keep in mind your competition.

SEO Services Example

Search Engine Changes

Google and other search engines are constantly changing their systems. A simple algorithm change can move your website from the first page of search results to the tenth—or hundredth. That’s why it’s so important for you to feature timely, up-to-date content as well as evergreen material and unique, specific keywords to keep your page coming up in search results. Some random keywords and links thrown in aren’t going to get you a spot on the first page of search results like a planned SEO strategy will.

If you don’t believe us take a look at this great algorithm change timeline SEOmoz put together so you can see what has occurred over the last 12 or so years.


SEOmoz Algorithm Timeline


There’s No Instruction Booklet

No SEO road-map exists that you can simply follow step-by-step. Given the constant changes in how search engines work, no instruction booklet would suffice in the long run, either. That’s why you have to constantly be alert of new changes and SEO tips in terms of both search engines as well as social marketing tools. Awareness of new policies and tricks can mean the difference between SEO that works and marketing attempts that fail.

However, there is a best practice guide directly from Google that should help you out.

Google SEO Starters Guide


Marketing Background Required

While a typical writer can manage basic SEO, a marketing background is required in almost every case of successful SEO use. This training provides SEO marketers with the skills they need to analyze target markets, stay current with SEO trending topics and keywords, and develop a real marketing strategy that doesn’t solely rely on keywords and links. The SEO part of the strategy is important, but like a nail without a hammer, it won’t work well without a keen plan behind it.

Simple Keywords Don’t Cut It

Many people misinterpret the use of keywords in general. They think that by adding a hot star’s name or a trending topic of the day, they will stay on top of search results. These keywords are simply not specific enough to garner you much traffic. They will be similar to so many other website keywords that yours will only be lost in the shuffle. Provide specific terms that fit in with your niche and product to stand in during search engine results.

As you consider this list of challenges, don’t let using SEO intimidate you. Simply be aware of what you really need to give your website the visibility that you want it to have. Hiring an SEO strategist can be an effective way to do this, as can taking workshops about the process and learning more about marketing though classes.

Marketing Data

Internet marketing comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. What works for one organization might not always work for another. It takes time to figure out and understand what internet marketing strategy works best for your company or organization.

The folks at Shebang Design recently put out this infographic going over some of the marketing efforts that have been working great for other marketers.


Effective Internet Marketing

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Evolution is Inevitable

Change is inevitable in search engine optimization (SEO), with Google constantly changing the rules of play. With the growth in mobile search and more emphasis placed on social media to rank higher in organic search, SEO consultants and in-house marketing teams are redefining inbound marketing strategies to adapt. As Google’s algorithm continues to evolve, it is imperative for a company’s marketing success to address these changes in a timely manner.

Google analyzes over 200 different factors for ranking purposes. Weekly changes are made which tweak the algorithm. While most of these changes are relatively minor, over time they can effectively send a marketing campaign off-course if completely ignored.
Forrester’s Interactive Marketing Forecast predicts that $33 billion will be allocated for search marketing for the years from 2011 through 2016.

Shifts in Content Management

Content is expected to remain as important as it has been in the past, with a few changes worth mentioning. According to online chatter from top SEO sites like, it is imperative that the content created for marketing campaigns is detailed and worthy of sharing with others. SEO consultants and in-house management must create and implement marketing strategies geared towards social media sharing. Corporate policies must be adjusted to embrace social media as a crucial force driving search engine optimization and page rankings.

Collaboration and Integration of SEO, Content Management and Technology

According to the website Search Engine Watch, SEO in the future will be comprised of a relationship balance between social media, collaborative technology and content marketing. These changes are redefining the way company professionals organize marketing efforts and work together. Social media experts will be embraced along with content management teams. These teams must work together as a unit for best results.


There is little doubt that detailed and relevant content shared through social media is becoming the new standard for inbound marketing efforts. As new social media players enter the picture, it becomes increasingly important to embrace them, instead of writing them off as a fad in favor of more established players like Facebook and Twitter. The challenge for business management will be to make the necessary changes to facilitate the latest algorithm adjustments, or risk losing market share to competitors that are better at adapting to ongoing changes that define Internet marketing efforts.


About the Author
Rowena is a writer and the Outreach Director for the Morgan Law Firm, a firm that represents clients going through a divorce in Austin divorce firm. See additional articles on the firm’s Austin Divorce Blog at

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Does It Work?

There is no doubt about it, website marketing is absolutely crucial when it comes to any sort of success online these days. Facebook type growth only comes around once every generation or so. These days, strategic marketing for a website is just as important as having a professionally designed website. With that marketing comes the need to measure how your marketing works which is going to be important if you want to understand just how well your efforts are being executed. I have seen people spin their wheels until they were blue in the face and still not a single positive result occurred from their actions. It is always important to understand what is working and what should be kicked to the curb.

Keep in mind that success online must align with your business goals. For some companies it is just branding, for others it might be rankings and for some they just want the phone to ring a bit more. Everyone has different goals and your website marketing efforts should always align with those goals.

Here are some ways you can measure your website marketing effectiveness:

Website Traffic

There is this great little program (sarcastic voice) called Google Analytics that can show you all your website traffic for free! If your website marketing effectiveness is heading in the right direction Google Analytics will show you. It identifies all your traffic, where it is coming from, what type of browser people are using and what geographic location most of your traffic is coming from. A wonderful tool that can give you an enormous amount of insight.

Google Analytics Screenshot

Google Analytics Screenshot

Rankings Increase

If your marketing efforts are directly executed with a rankings goal in mind there are ways to measure those rankings properly. Keep in mind that Google hates rankings driven marketing efforts because they take it as a direct manipulation of the search results. With that said there are numerous ways to still take a quality approach to increase your rankings utilizing good, solid marketing & branding efforts. There are even different software solutions that can help you identify where your rankings sit and how they move each month.

Here are a few:

Industry Influence

Industry influence is something that is very important when it comes to website marketing effectiveness. How do people perceive your voice? Do they listen when you speak? These are important questions to ask yourself when marketing your website online. When you are marketing a website your voice is all you have. That voice either has weight or it doesn’t. One way to build up that weight is through content marketing, social media and having an active blog. Online influence is not something that occurs overnight but there are ways to measure that voice.

Here are a few ways to measure your online influence:

Klout Video

When it comes to launching a startup company it can be quite daunting to figure out exactly what it is that you want to do when it comes to marketing. With so many overhead costs for advertising, software dashboards and PR distribution costs you are most likely going to have to pick and chose your cash flow battles precisely. Even if you are a hot startup and you just received a check for a cool 20 million from some cushy venture capitalist you are going to need a solid strategy. Throwing everything at the wall only to see what sticks is not strategy.

Here is an infographic from the folks over at Search Enabler which describes the differences between online and offline start up marketing.

Online or Offline Startup Marketing

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I’m going to put this bluntly, social media marketing can be a very time consuming task and quite difficult. If it were easy everyone would be super successful and an expert. The truth is that not all companies will be able to hire a full time social media employee to handle their online communication efforts and ignoring it is simply not an option. In many cases social media outsourcing will be a key ingredient to at least gaining some important ground in the social space without having to pay for a full time employee to handle it for you.

Keep in mind that outsourcing your social media marketing will require both parties to be on the same page at all times. A proper game plan, strategy and communication need to be in place for the process to occur properly.

Here are some tips to help you outsource your social media marketing.

Clearly define all actions early on

Social media marketing can be confusing for some organizations which is why they are outsourcing it in the first place. Both parties need to understand all frequencies and actions being performed throughout the month in order for it to be a successful partnership. A properly laid out game plan early on is important so both parties can see the progression of the process. Everything from what communities you are participating in all the way to content topics.

There needs to be a vibrant understanding of what social media marketing actually is

Social media marketing to one group of people can be something very different to another group of people. It is important to understand what social media marketing and engagement consists of. The vendor performing the social media activities should be able to explain exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Documentation of work is a must

Depending on the frequency of activities conducted each month it is important for the company conducting the work to record and keep track of what activities are performed. When outsourcing any sort of search engine marketing activity you can easily lose grip on the work being conducted and this activity log will help you understand what is being completed. It will also help you build trust in the company performing the outsourced social media because search engine marketing can be very intangible.