Site visitors might arrive on your company’s landing page because they are looking for information or an answer to a question. Providing valuable details about your company is helpful. However, your real purpose with any landing page is to grab users and turn them into leads. One way of doing this is promoting services on the pages people are most likely to see first.


The highest-performing landing pages come in at 27.4% conversions. However, most industries have an average of no more than 6%, and some even less. Your first step should be to figure out what your average conversion rate currently is, so you know what works to improve that rate and can adapt as you go along. You’ll want to try adding new language, features and even placement and test each change to see how well it works for your conversion rate optimization.


A good place to start is by showing site visitors what is available to solve their problems. Here are some ways to promote services on your company’s landing page and improve your conversions.


1. Speak to Your Audience

Around half the people who arrive on your website aren’t going to be good prospects for what you sell. State upfront what you offer. If someone is looking for a local trash pickup service and you run an HVAC company, they aren’t a good match for you. Knowing what you do and what areas you serve is vital information that should be easy to find, no matter what page the visitor lands on. You may want to put this information above the fold, so the user doesn’t have to hunt for it.



Curt & Jerry Sewer Service shows where their audience is by using a map of the state of Indiana with a marker for their headquarters. They then use rings to show their service area. This tactic allows visitors to immediately see if the services are available n the location where they live.


2. Create Categories

If your company offers several different services, you may want to separate them into categories, so users don’t feel overwhelmed. Businesses with a wide range of services may also attract both business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients, creating very different types of landing pages. However, some of these clients will naturally cross over into different kinds of offerings, so make it easy for them to access all the services listed on your website.


3. Name Drop

You’ve worked hard to build a reputation in your industry. Don’t be afraid to drop the names of your biggest clients, so potential customers see even the big guys trust you to do a good job. Talk about the history of your company and some of your best work. Doing so highlights what you’re capable of providing to your clients.




Flinchbaugh Company outlines the custom machining and manufacturing they provide their customers. They then talk about their 80 years of experience in the industry and that the U.S. Department of Defense and Fortune 500 companies trust them for their needs.


4. Add a Comparison Chart

Do you have some stiff competition in the market? Don’t try to hide that you have competitors. Your site visitors likely already know you do, and they may have even visited the websites of some of those companies to gather information. Instead, include a comparison chart that outlines how you match up and where you exceed others in your line of work.


5. Offer a Live Demo

People often want to try a service before they sign up. If you offer a service online, provide a live demo so users can try out the program and see whether it is a good match for them. Not every person will like the way your service works, and that’s OK. Your goal is to attract loyal customers who get something out of what you sell. Promising live demos is an excellent way of separating those who need your services and those who don’t.



Sonicwall offers a product demo so small businesses can ascertain if the service meets their needs. Since security is an integral part of protecting your business’ data needs, showing how their systems work allows users to decide if the programs are right for them.


6. Add a Free Quote Button

If your landing pages don’t already have a “Request Free Quote” button, now is the time to add one. Visitors need to know there’s no need to pay to gather additional information. Yes, it will take a little more of your time to offer free quotes, and not everyone will become a customer, but you’ll also collect their email and be able to continue marketing efforts in the future. Your conversions over time might increase as browsers become buyers.


Small Changes Equal Big Results

When revamping your landing pages to highlight your services, start small. Change one thing at a time, test it to see how visitors respond and then move on to the next idea only when you’ve perfected that one. Little changes, such as call-to-action button placement, may have more impact than you’d expect. Refine your language until it highlights what you do and grabs the exact audience you want to reach.



Lexie Lu is a designer and writer. She loves researching trends in the web and graphic design industry. She writes weekly on Design Roast and can be followed on Twitter @lexieludesigner.