Nap & Local SEO


The success of any business website on the internet largely depends on the way it is ranked by search engines. You should therefore consider some factors in order to improve your site’s ranking. NAP is a perfect example.

What Is NAP


The word NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. It is very vital for any business that wishes to be ranked well in local search results. This is because most search engines like Google usually take NAP data into consideration when determining the companies to show for geo targeted searches.


When you constantly up date your NAP information and ensure that it is consistent in all other sites and platforms, its SEO power will be harnessed. This will make you appear trustworthy to Google. In this way, when somebody is performing a geo-targeted search, the search engine (Google) will use this information to produce results that are most relevant and localized.


For the best results, you need to place your NAP information in specific areas that will make it easy for search engines to read with much ease. You are recommended to place on your contact page. You may also decide to put it in your code especially if are a user of platforms like WordPress.


Building Trust with NAP


NAP information also enables you to build trust with search engines thereby boosting your local rankings. You can enhance this by providing this data in different sites such as online directories as well as local area sites. The secret here is that the more a site is respected, the more search engine optimization (SEO) points you will get with Google. Such sites include Yelp, Manta, Linkedln, Local Chamber Websites and many more.


It is important to ensure that your NAP information is accurate so that there is nothing to hinder your website from being ranked well. This is because search engines usually check and cross-reference name, address and phone number across different websites. This is its way of validating that indeed your business is legit.


You should also try as much as you can to build local citations together with NAP information that is consistent. This can be done by listing your business on any respected or reputable directory. You are advised to give special consideration to local directories.This will improve your ranking and make things much better for you. By so doing, the search engine will favor your site thus producing local results in top searches.


In conclusion, it is important that businesses embrace the use of NAP in order to improve their SEO ranking. This will positively contribute towards their success. Search engines like Google usually consider NAP information when returning the names of companies for geo targeted searches. By having well placed NAP information, local search ranking of your business will be boosted considerably.

Google 6 Part Video Series


Sorry Matt Cutts, you used to be our favorite to watch but Maile Ohye I think might have unseated you (j/k – You’re still a legend). For those of you who have never ventured over to the official Google Webmasters YouTube channel you should check it out. Regularly updated videos discussing many things website owners are asking themselves when it comes to search engine visibility — directly from Google!


Here is a 6 part video series they recently put out regarding various local Internet marketing techniques one can use.


1. Bring your local business online #1: Introduction and hot topics 



2. Bring your local business online #2: Determine your business’ value-add and online goal



3. Bring your local business online #3: Find potential customers



4.Bring your local business online #4: Basic implementation and best practices



5. Bring your local business online #5: Differentiate your business from the competition



6. Bring your local business online #6: Engage customers with a holistic online identity