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Gone are the days when people used simple banner ads in order to monetize or promote their apps. You might still see some apps having banner ads but that is really wrong and in 2015, it’s going to do no good. It’s all about creativity and innovation these days, and many mobile app businesses have stepped up their game. We have collected five ad units that ooze innovation and can really make a difference to your business.


Interactive Ads

Interaction is a great way to spruce up mobile ads. Interactive ads allow the users to interact with the ad and then offers the relevant product. When a user clicks on the ad unit, it will pop up and go full screen. The user will then have the options to interact with the ad and reach the conclusion which offers whatever product that is to be sold. This kind of ads usually starts with a question in order to attract people.


Rewarding Ads

Rewarding ads are mostly popular with games but they can be used on a different app too if there’s a sound strategy. These ads can be in the form of completing an action or watching a video. For example, a player won’t hesitate to watch a small video ad in order to get a slot of energy replenished, which is required to play the game. Offering something in the game such as coins for completing an action like downloading an app is another great way.



Rewarding Ads

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Playable Ads

Who doesn’t like to test things before buying them? Playable ads are exactly offering that! This kind of ads allows the user to check what a game has to offer without downloading it. Playing one or two levels from a game gives the players a good idea about the game and they will download if theylike the game. It’s just like having a demo version of a game but the only difference is that you don’t have to download it.


Audio Ads

Most of the people use audio to entertain themselves while they are doing something such as travelling, exercising or driving. This is where audio ads come in. When the users are listening to music or podcasts, then can be offered an audio ad which also supports call to action. That way, the users will be able to respond to the ad and also complete an action on their device without having to stop the activity that they were involved in.


Pre-roll Video Ads

You would have seen this kind of ads on YouTube. It may not seem like a good idea to force the users into watching an ad instead of what they want to watch, but they will still watch it if they really want to view the content of the real video. On top of that, these ads can also be interactive and offer certain options within the pre-roll video ad, so that the user can buy or download something directly from the ad.


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