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Enhancing your app download’s rate can be a pain in the neck for most uninitiated developers, and has lead to some of them becoming disillusioned over the chances of ever realizing the sales their products are worth. However, help is on the way, and if you follow the following tips you too could begin to reap the enormous benefits of submitting your app to the various app stores available like Google play.

The first and foremost aspect a developer needs to consider before submitting their app is App store optimization. Like conventional SEO this technique can rapidly increase your app’s visibility, and also drive your downloads to wondrous heights. There are several factors that you need to consider while attempting this technique, and these include app title, tags, ratings, screenshots, and download data. The most important of which happens to be choosing a relevant app title, which can easily send more traffic to your app.

A developer can utilize amazing tools such as Google’s Ad words keyword tool to guide him/her in their pursuit for the right title for their app. Additionally, it is vital to fill up your app store submission form with the relevant information such a PlayStation phone number, and pick the right categories painstakingly, which guarantees the perfect exposure for your app.

On the other hand, it is very critical to utilize social media platforms particularly facebook and twitter in the promotion of your app. For facebook one can use a wholesome blend of page marketing posts and sponsored stories that are targeted to mobile news feeds. Furthermore, sharing high resolution images and relevant URL’s can go a long way in sensitizing your app in ways you have never imagined. On the tweeter front, you can utilize promoted tweets on an experimental basis. Commencing with a meager budget as you evaluate the various keyword segments to identify the perfect one, and thereafter scale up when you pinpoint the best cost-per-acquisitions blend.

Additionally, it is vital that your app integrates viral mechanics, as one of its forefront marketing strategy. This facilitates a suitable environment where a user can refer your product to other new users, particularly social media sharing. Furthermore, an app developer can drive reviews to ensure your app receives good ratings in your app store of choice. This happens to be a critical aspect of app store optimization, which guarantees more downloads by convincing potential users to review your app. However, it is of great import to use an effective method that will not prompt Google or Apple’s spam filters. One great way of doing this is offering attractive incentives such as free credits, subscription extension, and a host of many others.

Finally one good way to promote your app is incorporating email marketing into your marketing strategy. While it might be an old marketing technique, it also happens to be very effective, and rapidly enables you to convert leads to users. It is important that you construct a newsletter, which will perennially offer potential clients important information concerning your app.

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