Here are some fantastic apps for your business mobile phone, and most of them are available for tablets too. They are ideal little apps for running a business, in that they make daily activities a lot easier. All of the apps are either very cheap or free, so you have very little to lose by trying them.



This is a document sharing app, where you can share your videos, files, notes and images with other people who have the app. It is very good for arranging your staff and sharing information within a small team of individuals. You can even load files onto a desktop computer too (and back again). This app is available on the Android and the iOS.



This is an Android and iPhone app that allows you to plug yourself into the local niche events and activities. As a business, it is good that you get involved in your local community, especially if the event is related to your business in some way. Run a search on this free app once per week to see if there are any meetups that you or your staff can get involved in.

DocuSign Ink


This is an app that you can use to send documents across the web. It is an Android and iOS app, and allows you to package up documents digitally, and then send them to another digital remote location. It even has a function where you can electronically sign your documents too.


This is an app that allows you to find new locations on a map. It gives you directions to addresses and even has store locations, train stations, etc, listed on the app. It gives you travel tips and other information to help you get to your destination a little easier.

Easy Note + To Do

Easy Note

This is another note taking app that is currently on the market. It is not actually very different to its many other competitors, but it gets a mention because it is a very clutter-free app, whereas a lot of the competition is bloated and overly graphical. This app just lets you take notes and make lists in a simple manner, and then categorize and store them away easily.

Job Search

Job Search

Have a look to see how your job adverts look on the app, or better still, have a look at what job listings your competitors are putting online. If they are low on staff, then it may be a good time to stick it to them by poaching some of their current staff. This app is free for the iPhone and Android, so it is worth a look, even if it is just to see what your competitors are up to.

CardMunch Business Card Reader


This is a cute little iPhone and Android app that allows you to photograph your business cards. For the Android, look for the “Yulu” version. The app will focus the camera so that it scans the card. You may then throw the card away and index the image on this app. It allows you to categorize them too for easier referencing.


Kindle App

This is a good app to buy for your staff. If you or your staff do not have the Kindle tablet, then there is no need to worry, as the e-reader is available as an app on the Android, Windows and iOS operating systems. It allows you and your staff to read e-books and buy cheap ones off of Amazon.

Adobe Reader

Adobe App

If you are running a business, then there is no excuse for not having the Adobe Reader. The chances of you running across PDF documents in your business life is astronomically high, and the last thing you want to be doing is looking at it with one of the sketchy independent PDF readers. You can get this app for the iOS or Android OS.

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