Mobile Marketing 2015


It’s a known fact that the amount of smartphone users around the world continues to rise significantly each year – to the point where there are now almost as many mobile devices on earth than people. According to a report done by The Business Journals, the average user has his or her smartphone within easy reach for approximately 22 hours a day, which is why it is now more crucial than ever for online business owners to pay attention to mobile marketing.


Interesting Stats


Search Engine Land recently reported that 9 out of 10 searches performed on smartphone devices lead to action being taken, with more than 50% of searches resulting in at least one sales transaction being performed. 25% of the US population now only uses their smartphone devices when accessing the internet. The same site also went on to note that as far back as 2011, 74% of people turn to their phones to seek assistance while shopping, with 79% of them making a purchase almost immediately as a result thereof.


More Essential than Ever stated in a report that mobile phones finally overtook PC’s as the most common devices for accessing the internet last year. Until a few years ago, online businesses were able to rely solely on business received from desktop or laptop device users, which is why many of them never bothered to implement any mobile marketing strategies until now. However, up to 75% of smart phone users have admitted that they even use their devices while they are busy in the bathroom. This means that online business owners who have not yet made any moves to take advantage of this shifting trend will end up losing substantial amounts of customers and revenue in years to come.


Getting Started with a Mobile Marketing Strategy


Experts have stated that one of the easiest ways for an online business to get started with mobile marketing is to develop an app for customers to use. The app should be simple to use as well as engaging, and it is recommended that a free version of the app be offered in conjunction with a paid-for option that offers a few extras. Once your app is active, it is recommended that you provide some form of incentive to customers for using it. For example, provide discount coupons or even some form of rewards and loyalty program that encourages customers to use your mobile app. The discount coupons or rewards can then be geared to be used for future purchases.


After developing your mobile marketing campaign, it’s also essential to offer customers the option of opting out of marketing messages if they so wish. Once your mobile marketing campaign has gone live and taken off, you will be able to look forward to an increase in customer figures as well as overall sales.