Mobile Marketing


Businesses are trying to find new and novel ways to keep people in their stores so they will buy more of their products. It is becoming more and more difficult to keep the attention of today’s savvy consumers. They are usually well researched and know exactly what they want. In order to keep their attention you need to exploit product displays in order to show the customer what you’d like them to purchase, whether it’s a great deal or a new and exciting product. End caps and floor displays are the best ways to do this.


It is also interesting how mobile is working for brick and mortar establishments. Having your business details available on a mobile friendly site is key to letting potential customers know what your hours are and the best way to find you.


Knowing what a customer is looking for and how to serve them properly can make all the difference. 51% of the people say they would trade their email address for free Wi-Fi. This can be a great way to build an email list of qualified people that should be very interested in learning more about your businesses products.


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