motorcycle branding marketing


Having so many brands available these days that cater for motorcycles and their related accessories can make it challenging to spend your hard-earned cash on the right products. However, the following five brands not only have some of the coolest gear on offer; they have also performed a stellar job with regards to marketing their products online.


If looking good on the road is just as important as having gear that’s functional, you’ll not go wrong with any of the products that Viking Bags has to offer.


Consisting of an extensive range of saddlebags, cruiser, dirt, street and café style bags and carriers, each item has been designed with aesthetics as well as practicality in mind. When landing on this company’s website, you’ll quickly notice that it’s not just their products that stand out from competitors, but also their crisp, clear branding and images.


These days, snappy dressing is no longer limited to stuffy corporate offices and rubber chicken dinners – motorcyclists are now truly spoiled for choice with the range of functional and fashionable clothing that the company has to offer.


Again, an attractive website layout coupled with super fast page load speeds make it a pleasure to browse and make purchases. Viking Cycle definitely classifies as one of the cool kids on the block where their branding is concerned.


Any seasoned motorcyclist will know that where apparel, parts and other bike accessories are concerned, safety is the number one aspect to consider. As such, a number of Kevlar items can be purchased through this site – which, by the way, is extremely easy on the eye and convenient to navigate.


An excellent aspect has been included with this site’s design in the form of a popup window that offers site visitors a 15% discount on their first purchase, while regular updates on the company’s Facebook page allow a range of products to be marketed to thousands of individuals.


This company not only specializes in top-notch accessories, clothing and headwear; it showcases a number of vintage and newly built custom chopper motorcycles that they have restored and created over the years as well.


The company’s logo may be small, but its unique font allows it to stand out among the thousands of motorcycling websites that are online. Visitors to this site will also notice how easy it is to find what they’re looking for while browsing.


Visitors to this website will quickly see that it encompasses motorcycles, clothing, art and various cultural events. As such, they’ll not only be able to purchase a range of apparel; a number of blog posts will provide them with information about motorcycle related events and happenings.


Easy access tabs at the top and bottom of the site’s homepage allow visitors to quickly navigate to where they want to be, while the speeding fox logo is simply awesome.


As companies like these mentioned above lead the way with regards to online marketing, only time will tell if any industry competitors will be able to match up over time or not.