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All businesses, whether they be small scale or large scale, need advertising to ensure good returns! Many people hesitate in allocating money for advertising because they believe that it costs too much. This is a wrong belief. Marketing should be a┬ápriority that every business should invest in. In the world people live in today, there are basically two types of marketing – online and offline. Out of the two, there are many tools you can use. Here is a list of the most effective online and offline marketing tools that seem to be forgotten because they are outspoken by radio, SEO, banners etc…


Offline Marketing Tools

Offline marketing, often referred to as traditional marketing, is a very cost effective way to advertise your business.


1. Flags and Banners – Whenever there are events in your area where people who are potential customers would participate, do not fail to place banners or flags around. Make it as eye catching as possible. Most of all, place all the important information in the most creative and simplest manner that you can.

2. Brochures – Making a brochure for your company will be useful in two ways. First, it is an advertising tool. Second, it will save you some time in explaining frequently asked questions to customers. Your brochure should invite readers to check out what is on the inside and every detail must be listed in an -easy-to-read manner. Streamline your company’s communication with professionally designed trifold brochure templates for efficient advertising and customer inquiries.

3. Catalogs – This doesn’t have to be a lot of pages. As long as all services and/or products are displayed in a bright manner, then it should be good. The catalog should be friendly enough that readers will know every important detail with each product.

4. Classified Ads – Although newspapers and catalogs are traditional, many people still and will always refer to it when looking for specific services or products. Never fail to sign up for it. The newspaper editors will strategically post in under the right section and potential customers will see.


Online Marketing Tools

Online marketing has been widely used ever since everyone started to refer to the internet whenever in need of something.


1. Blogs – Creating a blog is not as difficult as before. Moreover, you can create one for free. Blog sites will assist you step by step on how to create one. If you want your own domain, you can pay for it for a low price.

2. Leads and Email Generation – Almost everyone has their own email address. If you know where to look for the email addresses of your target market then go ahead and send them some emails regarding your promotions and discounts. The best way to get them to purchase your stuff is by attaching a printable coupon that they can use for discounts in your shop.

3. Reviews and Forums – People who buy online will check reviews first before buying. It is imperative that you get your satisfied customers to post reviews online and rate your products and services. This will surely breed positive results on your business.

The tools listed above are sure to work. Furthermore, they are the most inexpensive. Thus, you will not need to sacrifice a lot of money for advertising and marketing alone.


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