Optimization Tips

If you want to make sure your intended audience sees your website or content, you have to ensure it gets noticed by the search engines. While there are many complex strategies to achieve this goal, there are also some simple and straightforward tips that you can use to optimize your site.

Create Quality Content

You’ve probably heard this many times before, but quality content is even more important than it was in the past. This means that your content should reflect what your site is about, and it should add value to the visitor. The titles, subtitles, and description should all point towards the subject of your content.

In the past, keywords played a strong role in online content and optimization. However, even though keywords are still relevant, search engines are looking at the total content instead of just looking at the use of certain words. For instance, you may only use the keyword “Colorado Springs vacation” once or twice in the article, but your content mentions different activities or places to eat and stay in Colorado Springs. The search engines will be able to tell that this content is relevant to people searching for vacation ideas in the area.

Some examples of content:

  • Press releases
  • Guest blog posts
  • Company blogs
  • eBooks
  • Infographics
  • PDF’s and document sharing sites

Site Design

The entire website should provide for a smooth, easy user experience. They should be able to get to the pages they want without always returning to the Home page. They should be able to navigate the site without confusion. It needs to be free of clutter and designed in such a way that the user can find what they want with minimal effort. This also reduces the bounce rate for your site.

Part of the design of the site is its performance. Users want a site that loads quickly and works the way it should. Limiting large images or banners that take too long to load can improve your site immensely.



Do people have confidence in your site and the information you provide? Your content should help establish your credibility in the industry, which allows customers to have more confidence in purchasing from you or using your services. There are several ways to establish authority.

  • Link to quality, authoritative sites such as a government or non-profit organization
  • Be linked to or cited by other sites as a solid source of information
  • Use references or cite information from reputable sources
  • Include interviews from experts
  • Establish your credentials on the topic

Titles and Descriptions

Make sure your titles tell readers exactly what your content is about. While it can be tempting to get cute or creative with a title, it can cause search engines and people to pass your site by. They need to know exactly what your content is about by the heading. This doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Using lists or a question can draw people in while still telling them what the topic is about.

Your descriptions should also give people an idea of your topic and what they will learn. Many people still use meta descriptions with their content. If you are one of those, make sure it is designed for the specific page. Don’t copy descriptions from one page to another.

Take the time to learn how to optimize your site, and you will see better results and more traffic. Even if you are not an expert in SEO, you can do these basic things to help your site get more attention.

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