Performance Based SEO


If it sounds too good to be true it most likely is. That is a motto for life that has always held a certain amount of truth and weight and it applies to any business situation. Performance based SEO might sound like a great idea but you have to ask yourself this one very important question, how many companies do you know will want to work for months at a time and “hope” to get paid? If they promise you traction or rankings by the end of the month you better bet your bottom dollar that the approach is the furthest thing from marketing you have ever seen. You will be lucky if Google doesn’t drag your website into the town square and hang it in front of everyone just to make an example.

Don’t get me wrong it is not that we don’t stand by our performance but good solid search engine optimization efforts take time and patience and not too many companies are going to invest those resources and execute good solid work.

Here are 6 reasons you should stay away from performance based SEO (trust us on this).


1. The efforts exuded will be nothing more than fluff


More than likely the company wants to get paid as quickly as possible. No search marketing company is going to spend months and months conducting quality SEO efforts and hope to get paid. A company that offers performance based SEO is going to do whatever they can to game the system so you see rankings by the end of the month. Why you ask? So they can get paid! This alone could get you a penalty from the search engines because the quality of work is just not going to be there.


2. It is not just about rankings anymore


Rankings are great but they are not the end all be all anymore. There is content marketing, blog writing, social media, building influence, pay per click and email marketing to just name a few important efforts. Rankings do not grow a business. They are one ingredient in the inbound marketing game but they will not make you 100% successful. I see many web pages ranking in the search engines that look horrendous. I would bet my life most of them generate next to no viable leads or sales.


3. You get what you pay for (or lack thereof)


We have absolutely no problems going above and beyond and offering free consulting along with guidance to paying clients but to execute months of work for free is not something any company really wants to do. SEO is about being efficient and building a brand online and that simply requires some capital. You wouldn’t go to a doctor and ask them if you can pay if you get better would you?


4. Results will be short winded


Good SEO results come with time and proper execution. A company offering performance based SEO is not going to put in the quality efforts required for rankings to withstand the test of time. Proper search engine optimization creates a steady stream of inbound traffic and a quick burst of rankings is not going to satisfy that.


5. SEO & social media now hold hands


Back in the day SEO and social media had pretty clear and definitive borders. Today those borders are extremely blurred and SEO and social media efforts complement each other. Both work at the same time bringing visibility and inbound traffic. Social media is also time consuming because one of the main ingredients to having a successful social media campaign is utilizing rich media. Things like videos and content are time consuming to produce which is why there is a cost associated with it. It takes time to write good content that will work for you well into the future.


6. The search engines are evolving


The search engines can go through 500 algorithm changes per/year which means things change quite a bit. Take a look at the search results, they are changing with social media integration and personalized search. They are moving away from solely going after rankings and only focusing on keywords. The search engines have been re-engineered to react less to loop holes and more to marketing and conversation (loop holes are used by performance SEO).