Pinterest Buy Now Buttons


Once again Pinterest proves to the world that it is a force to be reckoned with in the world of social media. So far, it has proved to be an integral tool in our day to day creative life. Using Pinterest, you can pin any innovative piece of content you come across and experiment on that amazing idea later. Whether it is a recipe for a new tasty dish, or the procedure of installing that awesome new app, Pinterest is the place to be and learn.

The functionality of Pinterest does not stop there. Users have been requesting an additional check out feature for some time now and the folks behind Pinterest have managed to integrate this checkout into their already amazing app. Now you can buy things you discover through Pinterest. This is going to open many new doors for businesses looking to diversify their stream of online revenues.

The buying feature will be introduced through a creative Pinterest feature that will be known as payable pins. This is great news for shoppers and sellers alike. For the normal Pinterest user, this is another way to bring the creative things you find on Pinterest to life. For business people, well this is another story all together. So far Pinterest has been a powerful marketing tool, but with this new feature, it will not only be a marketing tool but a sales channel as well.


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Imagine being able to purchase that beautiful phone cover that you have pinned or those amazing shoes, or even that beautiful flower vase? The payable pins will certainly revolutionize not only the way we share stuff on social media but also on how we do business. This is good news for those who have a large Pinterest follower base, now you can convert your pins to cash. Here’s how it all works.


How do the payable pins work?


The color of each pin has a different meaning. A blue price on a pin means that you can purchase that item right from the app. You can also search a specific item using the app search feature. A price filter will be added to allow users to filter search results using their designated price range. This is a very useful feature since you will not have to browse through hundreds of similar pins with different prices. You will be able to arrive at the right pin easily without much effort. You can also find the right color you want within the pin itself. If you want an orange shirt, you will be able to swipe across all the available options until you find the one that catches your fancy.

When you are ready to make a purchase, just tap the buy it icon. It is a simple as that. Pinterest has integrated most of the major online payments such as Apple Pay and most major credit cards. Similar to Amazon’s one-click buy, Pinterest aims at making the checkout process as streamlined as possible.


Is it secure?


Yes, as you know, the fewer people who have you credit card information, the better. This rule should not exclude the Pinterest app. They understand this too and according to a press release on their blog about the additional features, they will not store your credit card information, just personal info. They said that they will work in collaboration with your payment processors to protect your financial information.

How will This new feature change the world of eCommerce?


1. Ease of use

It will be a very simple feature to use. You will just have to tap a buy it button on the pin that interests you and you are good to go. This will be much easier compared to sites like eBay where you have to go through a lengthy procedure before completing a purchase.


2. It will change the world of digital marketing

After the implementation of this new feature; businesses will not only be using Pinterest as a marketing tool. They will now also be using it as a new sales channel to grow their business. They will now design their pins in an attractive and persuasive way with the aim of making their audience want to make a purchase. We will experience the growth of a new crop of Pinterest entrepreneurs who will make pins geared only towards making sales. You will most likely see a new focus for many businesses once this feature arrives.


3. Change consumer habits

This feature will have a great impact on consumer buying habits. Buyers will be more impulsive, something that will be advantageous to business people but disadvantage to buyers (depending on how you look at it). Because of the ease of use, you will find yourself buying attractive products that you might not have purchased in the past. Trust me, Pinterest is full of interesting products.

The feature has not yet been implemented for everyone. For U.S Pinterest users, you will be able to access payable pins on you iPad, iPhone or iPod in just a few weeks. Desktop and Android users will have to wait a little longer (Sorry). The feature will be available in updates that will be released during the next month or so.

Pinterest has not yet disclosed if the new feature will be available for international users either. But it should be since the technology has made the world a global village. This new feature will give Pinterest a good jump start ahead of its competitors (which aren’t many), let’s wait and see what else the creative Pinterest team has in store for us in the not so distant future.