Pinterest for Internet Marketing

The term “Internet Marketing” has become an all encompassing term that relates to the several marketing avenues that the internet can provide to small, medium and even large businesses. Over the last few years one of the most popular avenues of internet marketing has become social media. With sites like Facebook and Twitter providing businesses with such great feedback, client conversation rates and interaction, it’s no wonder these sites have been on the forefront of every business marketers mind. But there is a new kid on the block and this social media site is the fastest growing site in the world, providing seemingly endless opportunities for businesses as they create their internet marketing strategies.

The New Kid on the Block:

Launched less than a few short years ago, Pinterest is offering businesses a new, improved and unique way to market companies via the internet. Millions of users from all over the globe share photo collections through the site and offer each other a new way of social media sharing. Businesses are using this new phenomenon to share photos in a business related manner and creating new internet marketing strategies.

Creating a Strategy and Pinning Style

Pinterest has three defined ways that businesses use Pinterest to market. Each way has a defined style that relates to how businesses utilize the site and how their followers may see them. To use Pinterest as internet marketing for a company, businesses must first define which type of user they will like to be.

  • A Re-pinner

Businesses that are defined as re-pinners mostly post images that on their accounts that are re-pinned. This means they see images on the site that relate to their brand and re-pin them. These pins are mostly of advice, DIY guides and recipes.

  • A Maven

Mavens are considered to use Pinterest as a storage and information location of things they’ve found from across the web. Most images posted are not their own and came from blogs, articles and websites across the internet.

  • A Displayer

Many companies that are considered displayer Pinterest users are those with products to sell as opposed to services. They mostly post their own images from their company website or blog and post little else.

Mavens are considered the most beneficial type of business Pinterest user, often gaining the most re-pins, clicks and overall results. Displayers more often receive the least amount of user interaction, conversion and feedback.

Get Social

The most successful businesses on Pinterest get social with their pinning. Implementing Pinterest to an internet marketing strategy must include the full circle of social media, meaning that Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all come together to share the same information to potential consumers and clients.

Post Quality, Relatable Images

A good example of businesses using relatable and quality images on Pinterest is in the housing/real estate industry. For example, if a user was searching Pinterest for Naples homes for sale, several images may come up of lovely homes that are actually for sale in Naples, Florida. The images would need to be high quality and relatable, maybe a clear photo of a lovely kitchen or the exterior of a home with palm trees. The photo would then link back to the real estate agent or home builder’s website, creating an opportunity for Pinterest users to see more of that particular business. By posting high quality, relatable images, companies can get more clicks through, drive website traffic and have a high conversion rate.

Internet Marketing for Your Company

Internet marketing with Pinterest can be a valuable asset for a business and through determining a pinning style, getting social and posting quality, relatable images; Pinterest can be a great internet marketing tool for your business.


Sam Weston has worked in and around home sales in Naples, Florida for the past several years. When he’s not hard at work helping families find their dream homes, he can usually be seen on one of Naples’s amazing golf courses.