Pinterest Marketing 2015


Even though millions of people visit Pinterest each week, misconceptions about this website abound. In fact, some feel that this social media site is only useful for sharing recipes and wedding gift ideas. The truth, though, is that Pinterest is a rapidly-growing platform that holds enormous promise for businesses. Above all, Pinterest entices many consumers to buy what they see.


To derive the most benefits from Pinterest, try to heed the following tips, and may all of your pinning be happy and prosperous.


1. Use Internet Tools to Create Visual Content


When you rely on a streamlined online resource as you’re designing Pinterest images, you should get appealing results, and you might enjoy the process more. A terrific example is This free website makes it easy to search for, drag, upload, and edit images, backgrounds, and fonts. With Canva, you can also collaborate with others.


2. Give Each of Your Boards a Theme


If each of your Pinterest boards has its own theme, your page will feel more organized, and it will be simpler for visitors to look for certain products or services. Plus, they’ll be able to see the range of items that you sell within a given category. For example, if you own a bakery, you should have separate boards for cookies, cakes, breads, and so forth. A customer who goes to your cookie board looking for chocolate chip cookies might be tempted by the photos of, say, your oatmeal raisin cookies, and he or she could end up ordering both types.


3.Describe Your Offerings


It’s wise to post explanatory captions beneath your photos. That is, in conversational language, briefly give the reasons for purchasing each item. Moreover, include a few relevant and trendy keywords in every description so that Internet searchers will be more likely to stumble upon your page.


4. Obtain a Business Account


When you sign up for a Pinterest business account, you can sell merchandise through the website. That way, you’ll earn some money from those who make purchases on impulse. Businesses have more advantages on Pinterest as long as they don’t spam. Analytics is big. A few business accounts that are great examples would be Maggie Sotterro, Bulk Apothecary, and Nu Skin. They use a good variety, they don’t spam and they have a natural growing audience.


5. Take Advantage of an Analytics Service


An analytics company like Piqora can give you statistics and detailed information about your images’ views and levels of engagement. Thus, you’ll see what kinds of content are generating the most interest, and you can create more of it.


6. Use Pinterest Goodies


Pinterest offers its users “Goodies,” which are widgets that make it easier to accomplish tasks such as using the site on mobile devices and adding content from the web to your page.


7. Make Event-Related Boards


If you have an open house, party, or other noteworthy event coming up, advertise it by giving it its own board. You can post photos of the venue, the participants, and so on.


8. Pay Attention to Sizes and Colors


To make your boards easier to scan, put up images with a variety of heights, lengths, and color schemes. Use different pin shapes too. Further, you’re likely to get more repins if your photos are multicolored and not too dark or too light.


9. Hold Contests


By occasionally setting up a contest, you’ll garner extra attention. For instance, you could challenge your visitors to submit photos that pertain to a particular subject. Later, you’d choose the most creative entry and send the winner a coupon or other prize. Just be sure to adhere to all of the official Pinterest contest guidelines.


10. Contribute to Other People’s Boards


Finally, on a regular basis, go to your followers’ Pinterest boards as well as the pages of people who are popular on this site. Comment on and like their posts so that they’ll reciprocate, perhaps bringing you new visitors when they do.

Pinterest for Internet Marketing

The term “Internet Marketing” has become an all encompassing term that relates to the several marketing avenues that the internet can provide to small, medium and even large businesses. Over the last few years one of the most popular avenues of internet marketing has become social media. With sites like Facebook and Twitter providing businesses with such great feedback, client conversation rates and interaction, it’s no wonder these sites have been on the forefront of every business marketers mind. But there is a new kid on the block and this social media site is the fastest growing site in the world, providing seemingly endless opportunities for businesses as they create their internet marketing strategies.

The New Kid on the Block:

Launched less than a few short years ago, Pinterest is offering businesses a new, improved and unique way to market companies via the internet. Millions of users from all over the globe share photo collections through the site and offer each other a new way of social media sharing. Businesses are using this new phenomenon to share photos in a business related manner and creating new internet marketing strategies.

Creating a Strategy and Pinning Style

Pinterest has three defined ways that businesses use Pinterest to market. Each way has a defined style that relates to how businesses utilize the site and how their followers may see them. To use Pinterest as internet marketing for a company, businesses must first define which type of user they will like to be.

  • A Re-pinner

Businesses that are defined as re-pinners mostly post images that on their accounts that are re-pinned. This means they see images on the site that relate to their brand and re-pin them. These pins are mostly of advice, DIY guides and recipes.

  • A Maven

Mavens are considered to use Pinterest as a storage and information location of things they’ve found from across the web. Most images posted are not their own and came from blogs, articles and websites across the internet.

  • A Displayer

Many companies that are considered displayer Pinterest users are those with products to sell as opposed to services. They mostly post their own images from their company website or blog and post little else.

Mavens are considered the most beneficial type of business Pinterest user, often gaining the most re-pins, clicks and overall results. Displayers more often receive the least amount of user interaction, conversion and feedback.

Get Social

The most successful businesses on Pinterest get social with their pinning. Implementing Pinterest to an internet marketing strategy must include the full circle of social media, meaning that Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all come together to share the same information to potential consumers and clients.

Post Quality, Relatable Images

A good example of businesses using relatable and quality images on Pinterest is in the housing/real estate industry. For example, if a user was searching Pinterest for Naples homes for sale, several images may come up of lovely homes that are actually for sale in Naples, Florida. The images would need to be high quality and relatable, maybe a clear photo of a lovely kitchen or the exterior of a home with palm trees. The photo would then link back to the real estate agent or home builder’s website, creating an opportunity for Pinterest users to see more of that particular business. By posting high quality, relatable images, companies can get more clicks through, drive website traffic and have a high conversion rate.

Internet Marketing for Your Company

Internet marketing with Pinterest can be a valuable asset for a business and through determining a pinning style, getting social and posting quality, relatable images; Pinterest can be a great internet marketing tool for your business.


Sam Weston has worked in and around home sales in Naples, Florida for the past several years. When he’s not hard at work helping families find their dream homes, he can usually be seen on one of Naples’s amazing golf courses.

Pinterest Marketing Tool

Pinterest is one of the most popular photo-sharing websites at the moment, with millions of users from all parts of the globe. Every day, countless visitors log in to share theme-based image collections with friends and family. Perhaps the ability to create breathtaking collections based on events, hobbies and interests is what draws many users to the service. You can take advantage of this platform to promote your brand. Social media has never disappointed when it comes to internet marketing, especially where the following is huge. But how exactly can this work out?

It is always an added advantage to have a page with some of the most used social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. However, the reality is that such avenues are slowly getting flooded by marketers. It is high time you stopped being mainstream and started meeting prospective clients where your competitors least expect. The ability to share photos more effectively will give you the perfect opportunity to sell your brand in ways mere words can’t. There are many ways to go about this but this guide will walk you through 4 smart ways to use Pinterest as a marketing tool that will never disappoint.

1. Share your Best Business Images

Social media marketing is all about making your good side shine brightest. If you are keen on using Pinterest to market your business, you need to start looking for the best visuals around your business premises. Whether it’s your products, service delivery, location or interests that bring out the best of your brand, this is the story you need to sell online. If you run a travel company for instance make sure you upload photos from your best destinations.

In as much as Pinterest is quite a new service, there will definitely be competition from other enterprises. Irrespective of how established your business is, you only have photos to tell the story here. Make sure each and every photo uploaded is of the highest quality, taken by a professional photographer.

2. Start Running Photo Contests

In Pinterest, users are always competing to assemble the best pin-boards based on their interests. You need to leverage this unique feature to make your brand sell. One of the most effective ways to use Pinterest as a marketing tool is to introduce competitions among users. This will always create excitement among your followers and keep them interested. Consequently, your business will get some positive publicity and remain relevant.

However, you need to come up with a very creative team to oversee the competitions. You will end up looking very cheap if you keep reinventing the wheel by copying what other businesses are doing. Come up with unique photo uploading competitions that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. You also need to introduce unprecedented rewards and not the redundant gift hampers.

3. Incorporate Other Social Networks

The best part about social media marketing is that you have the freedom to use as many networks as possible. However, trying to be everywhere is not a good idea as you will appear to be desperate. You need to take advantage of other more powerful social tools to enhance your publicity on Pinterest. This could simple involve sharing information about promotions to the thousands of friends your business has in Facebook.

Many businesses also make sure their Twitter followers are ever informed of any developments on Pinterest. For such approaches to be effective, you need to concentrate your efforts on followers who are likely to re-pin your pictures. If there are any followers who display keen interest, take advantage of the command they have on social networks.

4. Create Obvious Purchase Links

The sole purpose of pinning up photos and running attractive promotions is to ensure you make sales. This is why obvious purchase links must have a place among the 4 smart ways to use Pinterest as a marketing tool. Make sure that your Pinterest account offers direct links from which followers can purchase the advertised products or services.

If the process from picture to purchase is not smooth, many users will be pissed off. Majority will simply postpone placing an order to a time that may never come. As much as Pinterest is all about spreading your message through photos, it adds nothing if it doesn’t prompt followers to place orders.

Author Bio:

Rahul Makhija has been in the internet marketing industry for more than 6 years. For more information you can visit web development. He is an expert on SEO & PPC tactics and in his free times likes to read and understand about human behavior.

Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Tips


Branding is an important aspect of developing a successful and enduring business entity; and in this day and age a large chunk of a brand strategy revolves around the online arena. Even more important is the role that social media plays since it can prove a valuable tool for connecting with global consumers and putting your brand name on the lips of individuals all over the world.

However, when it comes to social networking site Pinterest, which is more about sharing digital images and ideas than selling goods and services, it behooves you to tread lightly if you want to build your brand identity and promote your business. Here are just a few ways you might try to improve your visibility on this pinboard platform.

#1 – Don’t Sell


Skip the hard sell. Pinterest expressly states that their site is not to be used for marketing and selling goods. But that needn’t stop you from reaching out to other users as a way to expand your brand. You just need to do it without ticking off the online community. In fact, getting into the community spirit could help you more than you know. While Pinterest users may not appreciate being bombarded by prompts to buy products, they may be interested in photos of your area and the role your business plays in the local scene. Many companies are opting to create a variety of pinboards that feature not only their wares, but also points of interest in their area as a way to increase visibility and fans.

#2 Use Your Words


Utilize text opportunities. Okay, so it’s not all about keeping the people happy. As a business you really have to take advantage of the ways that Pinterest allows you to maximize the results of your branding efforts. There aren’t too many places where you can use text (thereby enjoying a platform for keywords), but file names and tags are two exceptions. So make sure that the titles and tags you associate with your photos are not only descriptive, but also compatible with your SEO practices.

#3 Cross-Promotion


Consider cross-promotion. You can cross-promote with Pinterest in a couple of ways. First and foremost, you could link back and forth between the pinboard site and your other social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and your online blog or website, for example). But you might also want to link up with sites in affiliated fields to create pinboards that offer added value to viewers in an attempt to attract their interest.

#4 Pin Correctly


Use proper pinning procedures. Aside from the pics you post on your own Pinterest account, you probably want others to grab your pics and pin them on their boards. But it’s not as simple as adding a “Pin It” button to every page on your website. You need to make sure that the links you provide go back to the page with the original pic on your site. While it’s certainly easier to make every link return to your homepage, viewers that actually click a pic probably want to go to the point of origin, and making them search through your site to find it is not a good strategy to encourage further pinning.

#5 Use the Right Images


Post the right pics. There is a certain amount of science involved in internet marketing, but like all pursuits that involve a creative element there is also a portion of the equation that is difficult to quantify. When it comes to Pinterest, you can do a lot to ensure that people are directed to your photos; but after that you simply need to capture the imagination of your viewers. So if you really want to make the most of this online tool for branding, you might think about hiring an innovative and experienced professional photographer to help you hit the right note.


About the author:

Sarah Danielson is a contributing writer for Affordable SEO Services, where you can research a variety of affordable internet marketing companies.

Be Social

It is always interesting to see how other countries use the social networks that we have sort of become dependent on these days. Facebook is a dominant force but it is interesting to see some of the other networks stand up against the giant we call — FB.

Check out this Mashable infographic created by @nick_sigler  and @stephmbuck which showcases the worlds social network usage numbers.

Worlds Social Networks

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Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is not just another website where you can look at cute puppies and baked goods. Pinterest has become the newest and hottest social bookmarking site the web has ever seen. Sure at first glance it might look like Pinterest can’t help your B2B business grow but you are not looking at it with a big picture mindset. Just because you pin a blog post regarding LINUX server hosting does not mean that you will not reap some sort of reward from it.

If you are serious about your search engine optimization efforts than you should be pinning your blog posts on Pinterest. Don’t forget that Google & Bing really like it when websites and businesses try really hard to grow their brand online. Google has repeatedly come out and told the business community to try and build good quality links through social channels that can help build your brand online. Pinterest is one of those channels that can do just that. Each pin is a link back to your site and you know how much good quality links can help the SEO power of a website.

Eventually boards will rank…better

When conducting random search queries we are already starting to witness Pinterest boards and pins starting to rank in the search space more and more everyday. As Pinterest grows in power so will its ability to infiltrate the search results. With a properly optimized board you could see your Pinterest account quickly generating traffic. Remember that just because you don’t see immediate traffic from your efforts on Pinterest does not mean there will not be some sort of positive residual bi-products that occur down the road.

Launch strategic product and service boards

If you have a business that sells multiple products, services or solutions and you like talking about those products through your company blog you should have a specific board dedicated just towards those products. Make sure the title and description of that board is always optimized and well written. Each board comes with the ability to have a description written and the more quality content you can put there the better off you will be in the future.

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It is all about the images

More and more Pinterest images are quickly occupying Bing and Google image searches. Pinterest requires users to use images has the focal point of each pin resulting in a massive amount new images being indexed by the search engines, the better the image the better the visibility. With so many images making it into the search results your business has a good chance of generating visibility from the images you use in your pins if you require frequent quality images in your website content or data.


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It is absolutely amazing to see just how popular Pinterest has become in just a short period of time. Pinterest has been one of the fastest growing websites to date if you can believe that.

Here are some fun facts about Pinterest:

  • iPhone app downloaded 200,000 time per/day
  • 14 minutes average time spent on Pinterest
  • 2.3 billion page views just in March
  • Over 4 million daily unique visitors
This is just a small sample of how popular Pinterest has become.

Pinterest Numbers

Pinterest Image Optimization

Being efficient with your web marketing efforts is always good practice. Everything you do online can use some sort of professional SEO tactics in order for the platforms to read and catalog the information that you are posting better. When you optimize your marketing approach you increase your opportunity to be visible in front of your target audience which is usually the goal.

Here is a great Pinterest infographic that goes into detail on how to use fully optimized images for maximum efficiency brought to you by the folks over at Pinnable Business.

Pinterest Image Optimization

Fun with Pinterest


If you haven’t heard of Pinterest yet you better climb out from under the rock you have sleeping under and take a little peek at society. Pinterest is a wildly successful new bookmarking tool that takes a whole different and creative spin on allowing the community to showcase things they like via links.


How to pin on Pinterest


First you have to sign up for an account. Currently there is a short wait for some new accounts so you will have to be patient until they respond back and email you a confirmation link. Once you get your account up and running you are going to see an “add” button in the top right hand corner of your computer monitor.


Pinterest Add Button


When you click on this button you are going to get the following screen where you are going to see an “add pin” icon. You are going to want to click that.


Pinterest Add Pin


Next screen you are going to want to paste the URL to the link you are trying to pin and show the world.


Pinterest Add URL


After you submit your URL you are going to see this screen which is one of the more important ones if you want others to see your pin.


Pin It


First, you are going to want to make sure the image you are choosing is the right one. Images are important if you are serious about click through rates. Next, you will want to choose the board or category to pin the content to. You can also create a whole new board if you plan on pinning more related items in the future to that specific topic. Third, you want to add a description describing your pin so others see what your pin is all about.


Then hit the big ole red “pin it” button and you are done pinning! Fun huh?