Plastic Surgeon Local Visibility


Although a plastic surgeon’s website is probably the most important marketing tool he or she has, there are a few other important aspects that play a part in boosting overall visibility online as well. When all of these elements are used in conjunction with each other, it provides even more opportunities for potential patients to find a local plastic surgeon.


Rankings may be Important but…


Almost everyone is aware of how important it is to feature as high as possible on page 1 of Google’s search results; this is not the only factor that plastic surgeons should consider when it comes to online marketing efforts. Other facets to take into consideration are those of social media marketing, search engine optimization of content and online advertising campaigns such as Google AdWords. All of these form somewhat of an integrated ecosystem that can provide as much local online visibility as possible, which in turn has the ability to boost a surgeon’s rankings higher than ever before.


How Social Media Overlaps with SEO


When a plastic surgeon compiles new site content, it is crucial to make it is as easy as possible to share it on social media, and the easiest way to do this is to place direct links or social media buttons in strategic locations on the site. This provides an opportunity to build links with other niche-related influencers, who will in turn share the content far and wide. As more high quality links are created organically over time, it provides a much-needed boost to SEO efforts – what also helps is that social media profiles now rank in search engine results as well.


Here is an example of news items that stem from social media making their way into search results for plastic surgery keywords:


plastic surgery social media


Local SEO is Very Important


Most plastic surgeons are in the habit of only focusing their online marketing efforts on regular SEO, when in fact they should be placing emphasis on local SEO as well. A great way to give their local SEO efforts a boost is for them to get involved in local industry-related events – and make mention of this on their blogs or websites. Another way for surgeons to help boost their local SEO rankings is by regularly engaging with other reputable surgeons in the area. This can be done by sharing each other’s content, guest posting on each other’s sites and sharing this content on various social media platforms.


Taking Advantage of Google AdWords Campaigns


One of the most effective, yet often forgotten, channels that plastic surgeons can make use of to generate new leads is that of Google AdWords campaigns. According to, this form of advertising has become a lot more affordable than what most people realize; in fact, Google’s cost per click (CPC) dropped by as much as 11% towards the end of 2014, which made it even more lucrative than before. It has also been shown that surgeons can make an average of $2 in revenue for each dollar that is spent on an AdWords campaign.


Don’t Forget Mobile Users went on to mention that as much as 33% of searches that are being performed on Google are directly related to location, which is another reason why surgeons need to capitalize on this form of SEO. In addition, mobile devices now account for more than 50% of paid search clicks, and more than 70% of these users called businesses directly from their Google searches, which is why it is crucial to ensure that AdWords campaigns have been optimized to cater for mobile users.

Nowadays, it is imperative that all plastic surgeons not only have websites; these should be updated regularly with niche-related content. If you are a plastic or cosmetic surgeon and you need assistance with your next local SEO or AdWords campaign (or both), or you need to have a website professionally designed, contact us today to see how we can assist you in this regard.