plastic surgery marketing tips 2019

Plastic surgery is a growing industry around the world, particularly in the United States. More people than ever before turn to modern cosmetic surgery, and while this means that your potential client base is growing, so are your competitors. The plastic surgery marketing tips below will help you stand out from the competitors and overcome the crowding in the industry to reach the right people at the right times.


Your Website is an Extension of Your Practice

In today’s digital day and age, your website serves as the face of your practice. People will garner their first impressions of you and your practice based on your site, and they often have a solid opinion in 10 seconds or less. For this reason, it’s important to build a website that accurately reflects the way you want both existing and potential clients to feel about you.


Things like font and color often play a critical role in generating a subliminal emotional response. Fonts should be pleasant and easy on the eyes without any excessive embellishment. For colors, think about blue, which has a naturally calming effect and is common in the medical industry, or perhaps even yellow or gold if you want to portray an air of happiness and peace. Finally, make sure images and text are properly balanced to provide a satisfying aesthetic.


Short Videos are Great for Showing Your Expertise

For many years now, plastic surgeons have relied on a bevy of before-and-after photos to show prospective clients their work. Many people immediately view these galleries to help them decide which plastic surgeon is best for their unique needs based on the procedures they want. Though before-and-after photos will always be an important part of your website, plastic surgeons who educate their visitors about the procedures and provide videos are often more popular on both the web and in practice.


Videos should be kept relatively short, and they should be assigned to the appropriate webpage. For example, if you have a webpage that focuses on lip augmentation, the only videos on that page should also be about lip augmentation. You can make yourself the focus of the video, talk about the procedure and how it’s performed, and perhaps even show some diagrams or photos to help visitors better visualize what you are saying.


Educate Visitors with Your Content

The content on your website should be divided into three very distinct categories. The first set of content should be your promotional content – the text that describes you and your achievements, your practice, and perhaps even your staff as well as your mission statement. The second should be your blog, which might cover a variety of topics ranging from new techniques and modern technologies to highlights on specific procedures. The final set of content should make up most of your webpages and focus on educating the client.


Having a separate webpage for each individual procedure is a great idea. When it comes to medicine and surgery, the more someone can learn about the procedure in advance, the more at ease they will feel when it comes down to scheduling the procedure. Each webpage should describe how the procedure is performed, when the patient can expect to see results, and what the recovery is like – including the steps your practice will take to keep him or her comfortable. The more information you can provide, the more useful your site, and the higher it will rank.


Plastic Surgery Blogs are Critical

Plastic surgery blogs give you the opportunity to really make your content your own, and they can also help your website’s ranking. Blogs are a great source of dynamic content, which is valued very highly by Google, especially when it contains popular and trending keywords and phrases. It’s important to use the tools available to you to determine what people are searching for, then write a blog that homes in on those phrases.


Some amazing ideas for a plastic surgery blog include focus pieces on nonsurgical treatments that can provide amazing results, new technologies in the plastic surgery industry, a focus on new products and procedures that are currently being tested, and sometimes even statistics based on specific procedures or demographics that show how the industry continues to grow as people become more accepting of plastic surgery in general.


Don’t Sell Procedures; Sell Happiness

When people visit Amazon, they have a very specific product and price range in mind. Plastic surgery is different because people aren’t exactly shopping for a procedure. They may know what sort of procedure they want – at least to a degree – but what they really want is happiness, and they want to buy it from someone they can trust. If your website and marketing campaign is set up to sell facelifts or Botox injections, you may still get traffic, but your visitors’ emotional responses will be lacking. Instead, sell them happiness. Show them how the procedures you offer can help them feel, and built trust and rapport along the way.


In order to achieve that happiness, people who visit a plastic surgeon’s website do so with a handful of goals in mind. Some of them want to improve their appearance, some want to improve their self-esteem, and others just want to feel better about their overall appearances – while some want all three. Your website should serve as a source of information that helps these individuals discover the exact ways you can deliver that happiness in the form of microdermabrasion, Juvederm, a chin implant, facial feminization surgery, or anything else you may provide.


As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into digital marketing, and that’s especially true for your website. Remember that your site serves as the window into your practice and is responsible for creating that all-important first impression. If it is visually appealing, offers the right type of education, and shows these visitors how your practice can provide them with happiness rather than attempting to sell them a surgery, you’re already on the right path to success.


Content Marketing Plastic Surgeons

Great content is always a vital piece of any marketing strategy, but it can serve several distinct purposes for plastic surgeon marketing. Continue reading below to find out what those purposes are, along with a few tips on how to create great content.


Set Yourself Up as A Plastic Surgeon Authority

The right pieces of content can help to set up you and your practice as authorities in the plastic surgery field. Your potential clients will be looking to find a plastic surgeon who is (and most importantly, appears to be) experienced and knowledgeable. Many people are nervous about undergoing surgery of any kind, but especially when it goes past in-office, noninvasive, or minimally invasive procedures.


Dispel Commonly Held Myths

There are many commonly held myths regarding plastic surgery, despite many advancements in the way the public looks at it. Great content, when written properly, can help to dispel this. To be effective, the pieces must be well-written and fact-dense. This can help to not only make those curious about procedures to feel better about it, but also to help put a better face on the plastic surgery industry in general.


Increase Local SEO Ranking

Content is part of an overall digital marketing strategy that can help to increase local SEO ranking. This means you will rank higher in the search engines when people look for a plastic surgeon near them. Since the vast majority of clients will come from within approximately two hours of your office’s location, this can significantly help to improve your practice’s success.


General Tips for Great Content

Anyone can create content, but not all content is created to be great. Below are a few general tips and best practices for ensuring your content is up to the highest possible standards.


  • Never lie or exaggerate. Especially in plastic surgery, it is vital to tell the truth as it can be backed up by facts.
  • Make all articles and blog posts aesthetically appealing and easy to read by utilizing numbered lists, bullet points, H2 headings, and short paragraphs.
  • Always double check grammar and spelling prior to publishing content.
  • Use a minimum of two different content formats to reach the largest audience. This might include video, articles, blog posts, press releases, social media, podcasts, or even live streaming.
  • Make sure the content you create provides your current and potential clients with something they need. This could be the answer to questions, valuable information, or even discount codes and coupons.
  • Always value quality over quantity. It is better to write one great piece of content than to publish ten mediocre ones.
  • Be consistent in both your posting schedule and what you say. Keep the same tone of voice and maintain the same views throughout all your website’s content.


The above tips can help you to create great content for your plastic surgery website. Once of the best ways to ensure you have great content for the most effective overall marketing strategy, however, is to hire a professional company to assist you.


Plastic Surgeon Turnkey Marketing

Plastic surgeons are constantly busy with the treatment and care of patients. When they aren’t treating or caring for them, they are assisting them with their questions or concerns. The staff for a plastic surgery office is often small, and every member is vital – thus, making them consistently busy making their own plastic surgeon marketing efforts fall by the wayside.


This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for your practice. In fact, it’s great for your patients! Being busy making sure they are taken care of in the way they deserve is great. The only downside is that it doesn’t leave a lot of time for self-marketing campaigns.


Enter Turnkey Marketing

Turnkey marketing means that all your marketing is taken care of by a single company, outsourced or separate from your actual company. Different turnkey marketing companies have different programs and options available, so finding the right one for your company is important.


Benefits for Plastic Surgeons

There are many benefits associated with using a turkey marketing program. These include:


  • Less stress and hassle for you
  • Leaves plastic surgeons free to focus entirely on their patients
  • A team of marketing experts are put to work for you, ensuring the highest level of effectiveness
  • Better chance of ranking higher in search engines
  • Lower long-term overhead versus hiring an in-house marketer or two
  • Meet your marketing goals faster with a dedicated team
  • Low risk investment, because you can cancel if ever necessary
  • Can often be combined with things like website or logo design


How to Choose the Right Turnkey Marketing Program

If you want to reap the most benefits and be the most successful, you need to choose the right program for you. Sometimes it’s a matter of choosing a reputable company, but other times it is a matter of choosing one which matches your chosen style.


When choosing the right turnkey marketing program for your plastic surgery office, take the following items into consideration:


  • Does the company have a solid online reputation? They should be able to provide case studies, testimonials, or references to prove this.
  • Does the program include everything you are looking to outsource? It doesn’t make sense to outsource with more than one marketing company when one full-service business could handle everything.
  • Do you feel comfortable with the chosen company?
  • During your consultation, did you feel that you were being listened to? Did you feel as though your wants and needs were being understood?
  • While unnecessary, it is definitely beneficial to work with a company who has handled plastic surgeon practices before.
  • Do you feel that the way this particular marketing company does their job fit with your company’s tone of voice, morals, standards, etc.? (Basically: is your practice and this marketing program a good fit?)



There are many benefits associated with using a turnkey marketing program for your plastic surgery office. Leave yourself free to focus on the most important thing – your patients – and let someone else handle the marketing and design for you. Not only will you be able to focus on other things, but a dedicated marketing team will provide results and meet goals faster and more efficiently.
Plastic Surgeon Marketing

plastic surgeon website design

Wondering if your plastic surgery website has everything it needs to be great – both for your clients and your SEO ranking? You want to ensure it has the following things to be most effective and user-friendly. Many practices don’t realize just how vital it is to get your plastic surgeon marketing right.


1: Clean, Clutter-Free Interface

A major but incredibly common mistake made with websites is that they tend to be cluttered because many assume that “more is better.” This isn’t true. Instead, you want to utilize plenty of whitespace (“empty space”) in your website’s overall design.


2: Great Content

Content has always been – and forever will be – king. Great content will help to bring warm leads to your website, which have a good potential of becoming patients.


Plastic Surgery Marketing Case Study

200+ Page 1 Google Rankings – Read Case Study


3: Detailed Service Page

While unnecessary to list your pricing online, it does help. Even more important, however, is a detailed service page that tells customers what each procedure actually is. This is so important because many have a misunderstanding of what the varying plastic surgery procedures actually are, as well as what they entail.


4: Keyword-Rich (The Right Way)

You want to utilize keywords throughout your website, but you want to make sure you do it the right way. Too few keywords won’t have you showing up high enough in search engines, while too many keywords can get you flagged. Also, note that the use of keywords should never take away from your content’s readability.


5: High Quality, Relevant Graphics

Graphics can easily make or break your website. You want to use enough to draw the eye down the page, but not so much that the website will load slowly. Always ensure that graphics are of the highest possible quality and are relevant to the material being presented.


6: Intuitive Design

Users should be able to intuitively use your website. To put it in the simplest terms, this means they should not require any training or any significant guesswork to figure out where everything is. Navigation should be clearly labeled, and all URLs should be as simple as possible. For example, your contact page should be: and not


7: Easy-To-Find Contact Information

Perhaps one of the most critical aspects of your website is how easy it is to contact your company. Contact information should be clearly listed, and having a contact form built into the website is always a great idea since it is easily accessible.


Give your customers plenty of options on how to connect with you. Have your social media information prominently displayed in your website header or sidebar. On the contact page have your physical website, a contact form or email address, and phone number listed.


If your website has the above-listed things, then you can rest assure it is the best it can be. If it doesn’t, there is no time like the present to improve upon so that it does. Not sure where to start? A professional marketing and design company can help your website to look and be it’s very best.


Plastic Surgeon Marketing

Plastic Surgeon Marketing Ideas


Plastic surgery is becoming one of the most competitive industries in healthcare – and quickly. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says that procedures are becoming more commonplace as evident by a 2% increase in procedure frequency between 2016 and 2017. When you also consider that roughly 85% of consumers turn to the internet to find these services, it becomes clear that plastic surgeons need innovative marketing strategies. If you serious about your plastic surgeon marketing read through the seven steps below.


#1 – Optimize for Local Searches

When it comes to SEO, there’s a good chance you are optimizing your site for the search engine in general, but are you also considering local SEO? If not, you may be missing out. Most people who are interested in any kind of cosmetic procedure will first head to Google (or another search engine) to check out local surgeons, and if your practice isn’t there, you are handing business to your competitors.


The first thing you need to do is optimize your site for local searches by creating business profiles on various directories across the web. Not only does this improve your search rankings, but it also significantly boosts your business’s reputation and makes your brand more visible to locals. First, create a profile on Google My Business, then consider other options like Yelp, Bing Places for Business, Yahoo Local Listing, Yellow Pages, White Pages, and Superpages, among others.


#2 – Make the Most of Social Networks

Many plastic surgeons out there tend to stick to more traditional means of marketing, which means they truly believe simply having a website is enough to make them visible. This is simply not the case. It is important to make the most out of the leading social networks if you really want to boost your brand’s visibility. Facebook and Twitter are by far the most important, but other networks, which include Instagram and even Pinterest, can also add to your campaign.


You don’t have to create numerous posts on these networks each day to use them to your advantage. In fact, creating a few posts each week will suffice as long as your posts are designed to drive engagement. The more people like, share, retweet, and comment, the more visible those posts become. Share links to your blog, ask for opinions, create contests, and even offer discounts or promotions to boost your social media presence.


#3 – Market to Existing Patients, Too

Another important strategy to consider is your target audience. It is important to market your services in such a way that you can secure new patients, but if you are forgetting about your existing patients in the meantime, you are doing yourself a tremendous disservice. Per a recent marketing survey conducted by HubSpot, some 20% of your patients would likely take advantage of other procedures – but only if they are aware of them.


It’s possible to boost your revenue by marketing to the patients you already have. To do it, consider value-added services for your existing patients who already know and trust you. Offer them bundled procedures at a discount, and encourage them to refer friends, family, and colleagues to you in exchange for a reward. These things can go a long way toward helping you make the most of your marketing efforts.


#4 – Offer to Write Guest Blogs

You’re a plastic surgeon, which means you can offer much in the way of information, advice, and professional opinion. You can actually use this to your advantage when it comes to optimizing your marketing campaign. Part of good SEO and website visibility involves building quality backlinks, and this can be difficult to do – especially organically. Offering to write guest blogs is a phenomenal way to obtain those links.


Some ideal blogs to consider include those about health, beauty, and of course, plastic surgery. If you’re feeling a little anxious, keep in mind that these blogs would jump at the opportunity to publish a blog you’ve written in exchange for a link. Not only does it increase your visibility, but it also makes the blog more credible. It’s a win-win situation, so be sure to take advantage of it.


#5 – Go Live

YouTube, Facebook, and other websites are the perfect platforms for live events. If you think about it, most people who are in the market for plastic surgery want to learn more, and they want to learn from a professional. By hosting live events, you can give your potential customers exactly what they want in the most convenient way possible. Rather than scheduling a consultation to ask you questions, they can simply tune in during your event.


The best way to use this sort of marketing to your advantage is to hold these events regularly. For example, an hour-long live show once a week on the same day and at the same time will allow you to build a much larger audience. As people tune in, they will begin to ask questions, and this gives you the perfect opportunity to allow your skills, knowledge, and practice as a whole to shine.


#6 – Improve the Patient Experience

Of course, digital marketing is vital to your success, but simply getting patients’ attention is not enough. You have to live up to expectations if you truly want to enhance your marketing efforts. Remember that the more you encourage patients to engage with you in the virtual world, the more likely it is that people will have negative things to say about you or your practice. It is up to you to provide the best possible experience and encourage your patients to leave positive reviews.


There are several ways you can do this, but you should start with the atmosphere within your practice. Happy, helpful, friendly staff will help your patients feel more at ease. Implement plans to exceed benchmarks set by other organizations in the plastic surgery industry and utilize surveys to help you better understand how your patients feel about their overall experience, too.


#7 – Use Emotions to Your Advantage

Google released a groundbreaking study on marketing within the healthcare industry back in 2012. Per the data they gathered, 84% of clients utilized both online and offline sources of information when deciding on the right plastic surgeon. While you should focus your marketing efforts in the online world, you shouldn’t lose track of offline marketing as you do it. Using television ads, billboards, radio ads, flyers, mailers, and more that tugs at potential patients’ emotions is crucial.


As you are putting together emotional advertisements, remember that these should always be positive in nature. The goal here is to help patients see your services as life-changing and a significant boost to their overall self-esteem. Your ads should also have a very clear and motivational call-to-action in order to drive conversions.


There are many different ways to improve your marketing campaign in the competitive plastic surgery industry, but the ones shown above have proven to be incredibly effective and relevant to today’s consumers. Implementing several of these techniques will undoubtedly help you grow your patient base and your revenue over time.


If you’re interested in learning more about plastic surgeon marketing read through our case studies.

Plastic Surgeon Marketing Ideas


It’s currently estimated that approximately 75% of plastic surgery patients find their plastic surgeon online. It’s neither accurate nor fair, but a strong online presence is often the determinant in a patient deeming you an expert. Keeping this in mind, it’s important that you take the necessary online marketing steps to help your practice be seen by patients and search engines. Some online marketing ideas specific for plastic surgeons that we’ve come up and had success with are:


Content Marketing

In order to effectively market plastic surgery using content, you have to clear, concise, credible, and valuable content that’s centered around the patient. You have to be able to communicate without selling. Selling surgery will kill your online marketing strategy. As you know better than we do, creating an image where you’re not selling surgery can be tricky.


One of the best ways to do it is by creating content that educates and informs future patients. When patients receive enough credible content that truly was created for them, they’re enabled to take the first step and make an appointment to see you. They feel comfortable with you before they’ve even met you because you’ve reached out and helped them make an important decision.


Content could be:


  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Patient profiles
  • Case studies
  • eBooks
  • White papers


Local Search Engine Optimization

Seventy-five percent of patients never make it past first page Google results. Thus, being on that first page is critical. What’s also critical is being mentioned in the top 3 local practices that automatically come up on Google’s map at the top of the page. Our goal for your clinic is both. We incorporate keywords and specific elements into your website’s content to get your Google ranking as high as possible. We also pride ourselves in being able to do so in a way that’s natural and reflects the image and mission you want for your clinic.


Plastic Surgeon SEO


Local SEO Case Study 1

Local SEO Case Study 2



Google AdWords

Online advertising is unique in that it’s more efficient in allowing you to advertise to the customers you want while filtering out those you don’t. With AdWords, you can target users and reach out to them (in the form of an ad) at the exact moment they’re reaching out to you (in the form of their internet search). As you can imagine, AdWords is an extremely effective, powerful marketing tool. The key with AdWords is that they have to be used properly. If they’re not, they can be a waste of time and money.


When used properly, you can use AdWords to effectively target ads, reach out to a very specific audience, and advertise across multiple platforms. We’ve seen this work tremendously well with plastic surgery clinics and potential patients, as it’s a never before seen or used strategy in plastic surgery marketing.


Plastic Surgeon AdWords


Social Media

Social media consumes the lives of a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean that it’s automatically an effective marketing strategy. One of the things about social media is that it’s “social”. Meaning, people aren’t logging into their social media accounts to look for plastic surgery clinics; however, this doesn’t mean that social media can’t be an effective way to market your clinic. We’ve found that one of the best ways to promote your clinic via social media is by providing a link on your website.


After the link has been established, before and after photos come into play. Before and after photos are how your clinic can be effectively marketed on social media. Social media has created an invaluable way for you to show off your before and after photos and you should absolutely use it. Like content, they should be carefully chosen in a manner that allows them to reach out to your patients with out selling. They too should enable, not persuade.


Putting It All Together

Using content as the backbone of a plastic surgery online marketing campaign while incorporating the above mentioned strategies produces proven results. A five-year plastic surgeon case study on one of our plastic surgery clients shows remarkable changes after implementation of Brandignity’s marketing plan. Here are some of them:


  • 500% increase in site traffic
  • An increase in average of 350 new, unique visitors per day
  • Ranked 1st in 101 keywords ranking
  • 100% conversion increase each month


In today’s world, it’s imperative that your plastic surgery clinic be seen by search engines and patients. By having a strong online presence that revolves around content and the marketing strategies listed above, you’ll ensure that your clinic will be where it needs to be for you to increase the amount of patients you see and ultimately help. Contact Brand Dignity today and the results you see can be similar to the ones we’ve shown above. We will be there to help turn your website into your clinic’s most valuable asset.


Plastic Surgeon Marketing