Cosmetic Surgery Marketing


Digital marketing has transformed the cosmetic surgery field into a highly competitive one. If your cosmetic surgery clinic is behind the times and doesn’t have a website that functions as its largest revenue generating asset, then you need a turnkey solution for your practice. Luckily, many are readily available. Digital marketing currently functions as an ecosystem where many different elements combine to reach a common goal. In your clinic’s case, more patients for you to help. Some, or all of the following can be used as a turnkey solution to get your clinic heading in the right direction:


Website Design and Development

Your website is the face of your business. One of the first and most important things you can do to get your clinic’s digital marketing campaign off to strong start is invest in some form of website design. An organized, clean looking website that accurately reflects your company’s values, vision, mission, and interests is invaluable. It’s the backbone of all digital marketing strategies. The growing trend in current web design and development is to have websites that are 100% mobile friendly, as more people are using mobile phones in place of lap tap or traditional computers.

Content Creation 

Content creation is the driving force of your digital marketing strategy. It’s what reaches out to potential patients and search engines. As a cosmetic surgery clinic, your content should be created to inform and educate patients. Never to sell surgery. Clear, concise, and valuable content will educate potential patients in a way that enables them to make an appointment with you. No other marketing strategy is more important or effective for your clinic than content.


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the best way for your clinic to be seen by search engines and potential patients. It’s estimated that approximately 75% of users never leave the first page of Google results. For this reason, it’s imperative that you be on that first page. As a cosmetic surgery clinic, there are certain keywords and content features that you can incorporate into your website’s content to increase its ranking on Google and get it on the first page locally and possibly nationally.


Here is a client of ours that has made onto page 1 for 200+ local keywords in a competitive tier 1 city.



Reputation Management

Reputation management is quite important for all medical clinics. Unfortunately, the internet has been harsh on the medical community. The digital world latched on to the medical field without thinking about issues like ethics and inappropriate exposure. As a result, some clinics reputations have unfairly suffered. Reputation management is what ensures your clinic will not only not suffer, but benefit from the digital world.


Social Media Marketing

Social media is still evolving as a marketing strategy. At Brand Dignity, we’ve found the following approach to be an effective way to implement social media marketing into an already existing marketing strategy:


  • Determine social business and audience
  • Identify the right social platforms
  • Craft a social media marketing strategy
  • Execute strategy
  • Monitor and adjust


We’ve found this approach to be effective in the evolving world of social media marketing. We’ve also found that the use of before and after photos on social media platforms can be a very effective marketing tool for cosmetic and plastic surgery clinics. Before and after photos give you the unique ability to showcase your skills in a way that no other marketing option can. We’ve seen first-hand how before and after photos provide a unique and effective way for clinics to reach out and grap the attention of patient populations.


Email Marketing

Email marketing should be used as a digital marketing strategy, but appropriately. One thing you don’t want to do with email marketing is project a bad image by spamming or emailing people who aren’t interested in cosmetic surgery. Some of the ways you can use email marketing appropriately are clinic newsletters and email subscriber lists.


As eluded to earlier in this post, the current digital marketing world is an ecosystem with many different working parts. The marketing strategies listed and discussed in this post can be used by themselves or in any combination; however, it’s best to know that a holistic approach is usually best. Incorporating all of the above mentioned strategies in unique and appropriate ways is what can really transform the life of your clinic’s business. We’ve helped multiple clinics turn their website into a revenue generating asset; however, it’s all about the patients. The patients are always most important. As a digital marketing company, we want to provide you with the resources and turnkey solutions that will have people that you can help walking through your door.
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