Plumber SEO Tips

It doesn’t matter if you are a single plumber with a truck or an organization that employs 100 plumbers. Plumber SEO and marketing is a crucial component for online visibility. Is it a building process?  Yes. Does it happen overnight?  No. Even plumbers can execute certain marketing activities to help them succeed in the online space. Sitting around avoiding the internet because you don’t have the energy to get involved is not going to help your business grow. The only thing ignoring SEO will do is push potential business over to your competition and is this something you want? (Probably not.)

Here are some pointers you should think about when it comes to the overall web approach for your plumbing business.

Your Website Should be Up to Date


A website is not just a website anymore. People do in fact judge a book by its cover and even a plumber needs a nice, professional, easy to use website. That 1 or 2 page website that your “cousin” built for $50.00, ten years ago is not acceptable anymore. You are a brand so position yourself as a brand online. Make your website standout from your competitors. Your website should make people want to contact you. It should have loads of trust indicators so your audience feels “warm and fuzzy” when they decide to hire you. Try to list all professional organizations that you are part of, get some client testimonials on the site and list anything that will build trust.

Here are some elements you should have in place:

  • A nice logo people will remember
  • Up to date graphic design & development
  • A blog
  • Good clear images
  • Easy to access conversion metrics (lead forms, phone numbers and email address)
  • Social media communities
  • Professional organization badges
  • Client testimonials
  • Good content


Local SEO is a Must


I know it is easy to simply say, “You need local SEO” but the truth is; it’s an important part of building up your local plumbing brand. Launching an active Google Places profile, a Bing local profile, and various other local directories along with press releases using your geographical location keywords will help you drive traffic to your plumber website over time.

Here is an example of plumber SEO:

Plumber SEO


Focus on these key areas:

  • Google Places – Fill it in 100% and get people to leave reviews
  • Google + Page – These are starting to populate in the local search results
  • Bing Local – Same thing, fill it in and make it active
  • General local profiles – There are numerous profiles that rank very well!
  • Press Releases – Write announcing various achievements and don’t forget to use your local keywords
  • Professional organization links
  • Partner links


You Have to Get Social – At least a Little Bit


I know what you are going to say, “I hate social media”. Trust me, we get it, you would rather be out in the field talking to your clients rather than sitting in front of a computer. However, please keep in mind that good plumber SEO requires being social on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The search engines can see how you conduct your marketing efforts online and they notice the businesses that utilize all of the components of search engine marketing which, in turn, will benefit your business the most. You are also going to have to start up a blog and start populating it with some sort of content.

Content is one of the most important elements when discussing social media marketing and SEO. The overlap between the two philosophies is immense.  Here is an example of a content title for “Boston plumber” that we would recommend (locally). There are several keywords in this title that could potentially rank in the search engines. With this title you will have the potential for this blog post to rank for “Boston plumbing” and “plumber” keywords, which is one part of the goal. This post would be a useful content piece because most New Englanders know that pipes can freeze during the winter in Boston so the potential for people to share the post is there. You also now have content that you can leverage throughout your social media channels and a newsletter if you are sending one out regularly (which you should be!).

If you are a plumber looking for some help and you’re continuously scratching your head on where to start; try out these tips. These are probably the three most important areas to focus on when increasing your organic search opportunities.