Writing press releases is very important to marketing and branding your business, writing optimized press releases is even better. Personally we really enjoy using PRWeb for PR distribution. PRWeb recently put together this infographic showcasing why it is important to have an optimized press release. I think the numbers speak for themselves.


Optimized Press Release

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Link Building Confusion

Link building is an area that is a must for almost any business which decides to spread their message online to pull in relevant traffic. Many websites often times conduct great link building by accident just by going through the motions of marketing their business online. Believe it or not sometimes those are some of the best because the focus is on the marketing and not just acquiring that link and when that it occurs it couldn’t be more natural.

Hint: Search engines love natural link building growth.


Start by trying to generate some relationships with bloggers in your industry. This is not always the easiest step but sometimes all it takes is a few bloggers that will write about your business occasionally leaving a few links behind.

Be Creative

Put your marketing and branding hat on and really try to put out some nice promotions that will get your industry talking and moving the information around.

Be Social

Get on Twitter and Facebook and start posting some of your company’s content on a regular basis. Over time some of your audience will take that information and push it around their circle of contacts which could help you generate some really nice links.

Write Press Releases

Did your company expand? Did you get a new piece of equipment that will change things dramatically? Write a press release about it and distribute the information.

Be An Expert

Chances are you know a little bit about the industry you are in. Try writing some nice articles about topics that haven’t been written about yet and distribute them where ever you can. This is where the relationships with bloggers comes in handy.

Business Profiles

There are many different areas where you can build a profile around your business. Start launching some profiles to help brand your business.

Social Media Profiles

There is more going on out there than just Twitter & Facebook. Research a variety of other areas that people are being all social and launch some nice profiles.

Video Sharing Sites

There are about 4 or 5 other video sharing websites other than YouTube that rank in search engines. Go and launch some profiles and fill them in nicely using all the available fields.

Blog Commenting

Research your top industry blogs and start leaving behind educated comments that actually make a difference. “Great post” or “useful information” is not going to cut it and is often viewed as spam. Leave something behind the community can really sink their teeth into.

Niche Websites & Directories

Don’t worry about blanketing all the directories with your information. Go through and research your top industry specific directories and submit your company info.

*Important* Always leave behind as much information as you can and never forget to leave a link behind in anything you do.