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If you’re struggling to come up with content Ideas for your next blog post, then this is the most important content you’ll ever read. I’ve written this article to inform you of what I consider to be the best, and most simple way to come up with blog post ideas, ethically, consistently, months after months! One of the main challenges I faced at the early stage of my blogging career, was coming up with content ideas. Although, it seemed like a big challenge, but as time went by, I discovered some unique ways of which I still use to come up with content Ideas anytime I need one. Here are 9 ways to come up with content Ideas that’ll ‘’wow’’ your readers…


1. Analyze or Study your Readers


The first step I took to come up with content Ideas was to study my readers. There are a few ways to do this, you can use a survey tool like survey monkey or ask questions on your Facebook or Twitter page. Alternatively, if you have an auto-responder system, you could invite readers to sign up for a new campaign and tell you questions that bothers them. Pro tip: Remember, the more you engage your readers, the easier it’ll be to come up with content Ideas and create content they want to read.


2. Draw a Checklist of Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)


Which questions are you asked repeatedly by readers, clients, or potential customers? Make a list and answer them one after the other on your blog, providing examples to illustrate your points or you could just use them as case studies. Bamidele Oni and Tom Ewer are masters at this.


3. Ask Your Readers if they could go On a Date with You (I’m serious)


Tell them how much you love, care, and value them. Tell them how much you value their loyalty. Give them a quality freebie as a sign of appreciation. It could be an E-book, a short report, video, or whitepaper; or, you could even offer a free one on one consultation. Make them feel appreciated and they’d do anything you ask them to do. Pro tip: If you can grab the heart of a man, you have his life. That’s what you should do to your subscribers. Make them feel indebted to you–that’s what blogging is all about.


4. Interview Top Experts in your Niche


Another unique way to come up with fresh blog post Ideas is by interviewing top bloggers in your niche. I tried this on my blog recently by interviewing Valentine Belonwu and I got 4 fresh content Ideas for my next blog posts. Isn’t this amazing?


5. Readers are Leaders


Buy magazines and newspapers and check what’s trending in your niche. If you do find a topic related to what you blog about, rewrite and present it from a different angle.


6. Visit your Facebook and Linkedln Groups


Check your discussion threads; what are people talking about? What concerns or questions do they have? If it seems like they have no questions, ask them! If there is no discussion thread, create one. Frame up a catchy topic and encourage your readers to make comments. Pro tip: You could get one or two content Ideas by doing this.


7. Check your Blog Comments


Be sure to check the comments on your blog and on other popular blogs in your industry. Take note of the kind of questions, concerns, or problems people are sharing and look for a way to provide answers or solutions to those problems. Pro tip: This is a great way to study your audience and find out what’s bothering them. Or, wouldn’t you like to know the challenges of your readers?


8. Revisit your Old Archive and re-publish Old Contents


I still implement this one thing in my real estate blog. Don’t let your old contents go cold; put a new spin on them and re-publish them on your blog. Pro tip: only republish contents you know readers will benefit from–not a poorly written one.


9. Think Outside the Box


Be creative and dynamic. Don’t always do what your competitors do, be different. If there are things you could do to make your blog stand out, do it! Study the likes of Brian Clark, Pat Flynn, Bamidele Onibalusi, Tom Ewer and Ronald Nzimora. These guys are exceptional at what they do. Imitate what they do, but don’t copy them. I’ve got to end this now! I believe you’ve been inspired by this blog post, right? Kindly share it across Facebook and Twitter. Are there tips you feel should be added to this post? How do you come up with your content Ideas? Kindly share your secrets with us.


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