These days, shoppers have become savvier than ever. More of them are willing to browse more website locations in order to find the right items at the right prices. As a result, many websites may receive a lot of site visitors, but not as many sales as they would like. However, if the process of remarketing is implemented, this could result in significantly increased sales being made.


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What is Remarketing?

Have you ever visited a site with the intention of purchasing something, only to find yourself being distracted by ads for other companies while on that website? You click on the ad and end up on that company’s website instead. While browsing there, a discreet tracking cookie is then placed on your computer to identify you as someone who has visited the site. After you’ve browsed the site, you may decide to leave without making a purchase, and head to another site instead. While browsing there, you will see ads for the site you have just left. In most cases, they will be in the form of promotions designed to entice you back to the site to make a purchase. This is known as remarketing.


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Benefits Associated with Remarketing

In many cases, remarketing is cheaper than standard marketing because it offers you multiple opportunities to interact with the same site visitors. Research has also shown that remarketing has far better conversion rates than that of traditional organic marketing. These days, this is actually the only form of advertising that many smaller businesses use, because it not only enables them to rely on their free and organic traffic to attract site visitors; it goes a long way in helping them build up a continually growing list of contacts as well. It is currently the only form of advertising which provides business owners with a second opportunity to convert leads to sales.


Additional Tips Regarding this Form of Advertising

With remarketing, it is recommended that you set the duration of your remarketing list to match the length of your particular sales cycles. If you are using Google Ads, this period can range anywhere up to 540 days. However, if Facebook is your preferred advertising arena, it’s important to note that you will only be able to use a maximum time frame of 180 days. It is also important to set what is known as a frequency cap on your advert campaign, otherwise users may become tired of seeing your ad. However, this this feature is only available for Google Ad campaigns at this time.


Deciding to implement a remarketing strategy into your advertising campaigns will not only help you reel in more customers; it will also make the advertising process a lot more affordable. Many smaller business have reported that thy have been able to save more than 70% in online advertising costs. Once you have decided to implement this affordable and effective form of advertising into your business, you will wonder what took you so long to get started.