Recession Proof Website

Website are like road maps to achieving your business goals and if they are not set up properly your web traffic will be confused on either what they need to do when they get there or you simply won’t maximize your efficiency as a website. If you have an ecommerce website that takes sales and updates products regularly you will need to have these items in place if you want to see your sales grow.

Here are some must have website features for all website selling products:

Shop Location

I know this sounds crazy but some shopping sites I have seen in the past actually make a website user search for the shop, that’s just crazy. Your shop should scream “I am an online store” as soon as a person arrives at your website.

Newsletter Sign Up

You want to have a newsletter sign up form on every page of your website. Positioning it is an area where people can leave their email address to receive coupon codes and discounts will get many more sign ups than just putting “Newsletter Sign Up”. That doesn’t scream anything but boring. Give people a reason to sign up for your newsletter. Let them know why they are submitting their information.

Good Images

Don’t skimp on the quality of your photos. These have to be top notch quality product images and you will want more than one image to showcase your product on each product page. Purchase a slightly better than average camera, buy a light tent if your products are smaller and get a mediocre lighting kit and your images will come out fantastic.

Lots of Sales

Right now people have clammed up on their wallets and they only buy if there is a good deal. Announce sales throughout the website and point people to your clearance page if you have one. People are looking for bargains not full price boutique items.

Put out Coupons

Make lots of coupons and get them into all the coupon websites. This will get them bouncing around in the search engines. Many times a person will search for a coupon before they purchase and if they can’t find one they will just move on to a website that does have one.

Related Products

You want to have a feature on your site where when people are on a product page they can view other similar related products right from that page. It will keep your users moving and navigating throughout your site viewing other related products that have an interest for.

A Blog

A blog is a must for any business but for a website that is selling a product it is very important. It gives a business an area to write product reviews and company related announcements and be a voice for the business. It has been proven that websites with a blog receive over 30% more traffic than a website which don’t.

Customer Service

Having a page dedicated towards, a privacy policy, terms of use and returns will give them confidence in purchasing from your website. Leave an area on each product page that shows them how they can return a product if they need to. This lets your audience know that you are not scared to send them to this page and you have nothing hide.


Make it is easy for your website traffic to contact you. Leave your phone number and an email visible for them to reach out to you. Some websites even have a chat feature where your audience can reach out to you right there and then on your website with any product related questions.


Brand your business as much as possible. An ecommerce website creates a community so have a Facebook and Twitter page where your loyal hardcore fans can be part of your community. If your website has not been updated in a while maybe it might be time for a web designer to run through it and tighten things up a bit.

It will take time for you to test these things out but over all every website should have these features regardless of what is occurring in the economy.