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Many people don’t like all of the rules and stipulations that Google puts into place when it comes to increasing page rank. Of course, Google is the search engine that most people use when they want to find something on the web, so anyone who has a website realizes just how important it is to play by the Google rules when they are creating their site and adding content to it. Some try to create the content on their own, and others hire professionals to do it for them.

In many cases, the pros are going to be the better and more cost effective option. They know and understand the rules, and that means that they can create content that is going to work well with the new algorithm rules. This means that there will be less cost because there is going to be less trial and error. It is possible to learn the rules though, but it might take some time to get up to speed on them.

Why is PageRank Important?

The first and second page of Google is where all the action is. Those who aren’t on those first two pages for the keywords they use will find that they just aren’t going to be getting much traffic on their site. The only people who are going to find your site are the ones who are searching for it by name or from a link that you provided. Thus, having a good and high page ranking is vital for the success of your company.

With the new rules for SEO from Google, you can lose your page rank if you do not comply with those rules. Google is cracking down and making it difficult for the Black Hat marketers to sully the first pages in the search engines. This is certainly a good thing. After all, no one wants to search for something through Google and then have to wade through a dozen pages just to find relevant contend.

Dealing with Google

Google wants to link to quality, optimized sites. This means that you aren’t going to want to engage in the Black Hat marketing methods that others have done in the past. Just having more keywords on your page isn’t going to boost your ranking. Instead, you have to make sure that you have quality content on your page, quality links, and real value to the people who are using their search engines. You cannot game the system.

The latest Google algorithm update, Penguin, aims to make the spam sites disappear into the ether. They have even been punishing some sites that are spam sites by lowering their page ranking. As you now know, a lower ranking could be the death knell for a site.

Changes to Google Rules

Knowing some of the changes to the rules will help ensure that your page doesn’t suffer from a page rank drop. The following are some of the things that you will want to consider for your site. Google is frowning upon these things:

  • Keyword Stuffing – having too many keywords jammed into a page and in content just to get a higher ranking
  • Unethical Link Building – link building schemes were once a way that Black Hat marketers gamed the system. Google caught on to this and now punished offenders with a lower rank
  • Using Spun Articles – mass article spinners create content that is virtually unreadable and the same as other content already on a site. While there is certainly going to be some overlap in terms of content coverage, spinning is a terrible way to create content.

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Matt Cutts SES Video

Do you ever feel like Google just knows too much about you? Personally I don’t mind what Google is doing because I love their service (s)but there are many different people out there that simply feel that Google puts out free products in order to get inside everyone’s business. Check out this video with Matt Cutts and make your own conclusion.

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The world of SEO can be a strange place if you do not understand how the search engines operate. There are many great startups out there but it can take a certain amount of skill to really understand how to drive traffic organically to any site that is fresh out of the gates. It is important to understand that SEO is a long term process and can take time to really see the fruits of your labor. Don’t be discouraged though, there are some great techniques any new website can tackle in order for Google to look at your website in a slightly different light.

In this Google SEO for Startups video our friend Maile Ohye discusses a few things new startups can do to make their site just a bit more sticky in the search space.

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Safe SEO

You heard it folks, now you can get a penalty for over SEO optimization which can be a big problem. Google has been trying for years to get website owners to take the right approach when it comes to search engine optimization. They recently announced that over optimization could generate a penalty so you have to really make sure you are conducting the safest SEO tactics possible.

Here is a nice infographic from the folks at SEO Peace that go over the right tactics to help you keep your SEO in the safe zone.

Over Optimization


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Bing continues to up the ante with their search game and their recent announcement will surely keep Google on their toes (a little bit). Bing has decided to partner with Encyclopedia Britannica Online to increase their information offerings through their search engine.

“A core focus for us here at Bing has been about delivering relevant information in a more organized way to help you find what you need more quickly and get stuff done. An example of this approach has been seen in our answers feature – a snippet of information designed to give you a quick look at what you’re searching for while also giving you the option to dig deeper into the results.

Starting today, we’re excited to announce a partnership with Encyclopedia Britannica to include Britannica Online answers directly in the Bing results page.”


Bing Encyclopedia Britannica

With Google recently making their knowledge engine announcement changed the way searchers can use Google for research purposes. Bing countered that move with their own knowledge integration. Let the games begin!

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Vint Cerf

For all of you who have never heard of Vint Cerf, he is one of the founding fathers of the internet. Crazy huh?? When the internet was first being constructed back in 1973 it was only an experiment. A very important experiment that ended up changing the world as we know it. Imagine life today without the internet? You would actually have to meet people face to face in order to say hello, look through those dirty books with all the phone numbers that get your fingers dirty — oh yes I think they are called phone books.

Now, this Google video might be a bit technical for some but it showcases that rapid growth of the internet and what will be happening this year in order for the internet to keep growing. Say hello to IPv6.

Do you remember back in the day when Google was just a basic site to find info on? Well they have evolved tremendously over the years into a behemoth search tool used by almost everyone. What we like about Google is their constant drive for innovation to enhance user experience. When it comes to anything online user experience is truly one of the most important efforts to focus on. If your users like their experience they are going to come back, if they come back they might just tell their friends as well.

Google states:

“Google’s Knowledge Graph isn’t just rooted in public sources such as Freebase, Wikipedia and the CIA World Factbook. It’s also augmented at a much larger scale—because we’re focused on comprehensive breadth and depth. It currently contains more than 500 million objects, as well as more than 3.5 billion facts about and relationships between these different objects. And it’s tuned based on what people search for, and what we find out on the web.”

One of the things Google really likes doing is enhancing the ability of their search algorithm to display even more relevant information you might find useful. Recently their Knowledge Graph initiative is one step closer to that goal. The Knowledge Graph pieces together massive amounts of information to help you identify other related topics or sources to help your information quest.

Google Knowledge Graph Video

If you haven’t noticed lately Bing has been making some really interesting decisions lately regarding their search tool. They have stripped down some of the graphics to make it a stark white, Facebook is getting a stronger integration and the layout is being modified as we speak to enhance the user experience and friendliness.

Many of us hop on Google every day and don’t really think twice about it but what would happen if you actually used Bing for a short time like the individuals in the videos below did?

These 4 Google users below started to use Bing and found the results rather stunning. They all said they would switch from using Google to using Bing for a variety of reasons. Does Google have something to worry about? You be the judge.

These 4 switched

Have you ever had a situation where you needed to remove an image from Google images search? Well Google has recently put out a video where they explain in detail how you can go about doing such a thing. It also explains how images end up in Google search.

Google Video

No doubt, Google has become a huge part of everyone’s life. Whether you want to admit it or not at some point in time everyone has to hop on Google to find some sort of piece of information they are looking for. With that freedom and ability Google really has the ability to poke around into your personal information which is why their privacy policy has changed a few times over the years. These privacy changes usually cause a stir in the community with massive amounts of chatter.

Personally, Google is a great company that provides an amazing service. Yes they are a business and need to make money but they are also all about the user experience and keeping their users satisfied at all times.

Here is a great infographic from the folks over at which goes into great detail the privacy policies and safety of your information when it comes to using Google. You be the judge.

Is Google Safe?