SEO Localization


SEO optimizing your website has never been more important than it is in today’s’ modern society, with the internet having such a massive impact on business and the success of companies it is essential that a website is optimized to ensure it has a strong online presence. When you first set-up your website, you will most likely do so in your own language and will design it for users who live in the same country as you, however, the internet is global and so your website must be readable, reachable and understood by people from all around the globe.


What is SEO Optimization?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a way of writing the content for your website so that it attracts more of an audience.  When people search on engines such as Google, they are shown two sets of results, the first (which will be the highlighted top 2/3 websites and the websites shown down the right hand side) are all paid adverts promoting the website. The second set of results (which are the websites shown in the main body of the search results) are all organic search results, websites that haven’t paid to be shown on Google but have included the keywords that people are likely to search on, in their website. The more a website has been SEO optimized, the more likely it is to appear in the organic search results, which increases the number of visitors to your website, and increases the number of people who utilize your website/services/goods


What is SEO Localization and why is it important?


Someone from America is likely to write their website in English, including keywords that American people search on.  Whilst this may mean that the website is perfectly optimized for the US, it doesn’t necessarily follow suit that the website will be optimized for other countries.  People in other countries may search on different keywords, so your website may not show in the organic search results, furthermore, they may not be able to read and understand English and so the content may be wasted on them. Simply translating an optimized website into another language isn’t enough to make it optimized in that specific country, the website will need to be SEO localized for every country you wish it to target.


How can you SEO Localize your site?


There are a number of professional services that can SEO optimize and localize your site for you, however, many people like to do this themselves, especially if their website is small and relatively new.  If you want to try to SEO Localize your site, you should:


  • Research the keywords for the specific country you are targeting.
  • Integrate the keywords into the content of your website.
  • Translate the content, ensuring that the meaning behind the text is maintained and the reader has full understanding of the website and what it offers.
  • Register the website with all of the major international search engines.


If you do this you will ensure that your website shows in the organic searches all around the globe.


Benefits of SEO Localizing your website:


  • Your website can be viewed globally, and will appear in search engine results all around the world.
  • Appearing in the organic search results (especially if you appear on the first 3 pages) will make more people aware of your website.
  • With more people seeing the link to your website, you will have an increase in the traffic to your site; furthermore, you will have higher quality visitors, i.e. people who are looking to use your services/goods.
  • You will have a higher number of people utilizing your site and goods/services.
  • Your website will appear in organic search results all around the Globe.
  • You won’t have to pay as much for advertising.


With so many people using the internet all around the world, can you really afford not to SEO optimize and localize your website?