“But it will increase business! — NO!”, “But traffic to the website will go up! — NO!”, our competition is doing it! — NO!”, does this sound familiar? Selling SEO or SEM activities to your higher ups can be a challenge. There are many business decision makers sitting behind desks all across the globe that spent a better part of their lifetime growing businesses without the internet leaving them skeptical. Some have not come to grips yet that it is an extremely important area to be primarily due to not understanding it 100%.


Here are some ways to convince your boss the company needs to invest in SEO now:


Show Graphs, Charts and Visuals

Typically individuals that do not see the value in search engine optimization need to be sold showing concrete numbers. Statistics of competitor usage, industry case studies and any industry graphs that can show someone just how powerful search marketing can really be is crucial. Like they say, the proof is in the pudding.


Identify Windows of Opportunity

If you already have in your possession thousands of customer emails in a database that have never been contacted on behalf of the company, show your boss how powerful that can be. Identifying windows of opportunity are part of selling the process to an SEO non-believer. Simply saying that “we need it” might not be enough. Using resources that already exist internally will be important to get things rolling.


Now I know what you are thinking, “what does email have to do with SEO?” Actually, a lot. If you have an SEO mindset that comes down to the process of being efficient email marketing falls into that category. Depending on which technology you use for email distribution some archive all your emails which ends up in company branded search results. Nice huh??


Be Persistent

Some bosses just need to be chiseled down piece by piece overtime until they don’t want to hear you anymore and are forced to sit down with you and see the details. Sure this might not be 100% effective but every boss has their own style.


Provide Competitor Reports

Catalog how your competition is using the web to leverage their company. If there is one thing bosses hate it is when their competition is doing something they are not and succeeding. If you show them how they are receiving traffic to their website, show any online press they are generating leading directly to online growth it will perk the eyebrow.


Like I said, if your boss grew the business for years without any technology it might take some time to show them the raw power of the web. Keep at it and eventually they might cave and take a second look at that company website.

SEO Objections


I often times bump into the same questions over and over because of the nature of this industry. I have found myself thinking that most of them are sometimes ridiculous but can be overcome with a basic understanding of the industry. When you do things by the book and the right way it creates a much more valuable foundation for your clients or yourself but at the same time it takes a bit longer to really see great results. The black hat SEO’s out there create short winded results for businesses that don’t know any better and they assume that it how it works when it really doesn’t.

Here is a way to overcome some top SEO objections for those who do SEO naturally the right way.


How Come My Competitor Is Higher Than Me?


This is a dozy. For the most part you really can’t see what your competition is doing for organic rankings. Sure you can do some typical link diagnosis and search in the results to see what comes up but if there are black hat techniques going on you really won’t see it. Maybe the website is 5 years older than yours? Maybe it is because yours is only 6 months old? You can’t compare your website to your competitors because every search marketing campaign is different and will react differently in the search results.

The Other Company Guaranteed First Page In 2 Weeks?


Well first of all nobody can guarantee anything in the search marketing industry. Would you ask your dentist to guarantee you will never get a cavity again? This is the same thing. Nobody controls the search engines and if they tell you they do they are lying. If you market your business through good quality online marketing efforts while keeping your SEO in check at all times your website will grow naturally. A natural growth obviously takes longer but builds a much more of a solid foundation for your online marketing.

When Can I Start Seeing Visitors?


Only time will tell really. You can’t really predict a quantity of visitors when it comes to search engine optimization because it is not paid advertising. It is a combination of programming, marketing and branding and it is difficult to predict when something will start generating visitors. SEO is all about creating new pathways to a website and not every pathway is always going to work. Some efforts will end up generating many more visitors than others and it is important to realize this.

I know there are many more objections we can discuss but these are some of the ones I hear the most. It is crazy just how much of a learning curve still exists in the SEO industry. I think it is important for all businesses to really take the time and learn what it really is before venturing out and purchasing SEO services from any vendor.  If you don’t understand it you won’t stick around for the long haul. With search engine marketing you truly need to stick around for a long time because it takes time to see real results.