SEO the Game

Do you ever have days when you just need a break from the constant negativity that seems to hover over the SEO community?  White hat, black hat, penguin, panda, good guys, bad guys – it all gets a bit old after awhile.

At least, that is what the search geeks at Subtle Network Design and Marketing thought.

They set out to provide a bit of comic relief to those of us who are frustrated by the friendly fire in the SEO community that isn’t very…friendly.  In the meantime, they sought to address the fact that on any given day, SEO success is a result of chance and circumstance – a roll of the dice.  And, these fellow search geeks thought it was high time we took the focus off black hats and placed it on the true villains – those who rob and steal in the name of SEO.

Without further ado…SEO the Game.


SEO the Game

Subtle Network Design & Marketing created this infographic.  Additional images and the largest version of the graphic can be seen here: SEO the Game.