2013 SEO Trends

The last year 2012 was an eventful one for the search engine optimizers as, the various Google updates like Panda and Penguin brought a sea of change in the field of search engine optimization. Consequently, in the present year, newer strategies are coming to the forefront while some of the existing ones are found gaining more prominence than before. Let us take a look into the SEO trends that are likely to dominate the market in 2013.

Informative Content

High- value, informative content plays a significant role in letting websites reach out to the target market in an effective way. Going by the latest SEO news, search engines like Google are focusing more on the quality of the content than quantity. On page content will grow more important in the days to come. Original, unique content presented in a lucid way will have a direct effect on the ranking of websites.

Rack up of Authorship

It has already been proved a number of times that Google thrashes everything that is spam. As opposed to link spamming, author based ranking pages will gain maximum importance. Emphasis should be laid on the rack of Google authorship and factors like twitter card likes or open graph of Facebook that will pave the way for more of such short and crisp authorship.

Mobile Compatibility

With the increasing use of iPhones, mobile searches are on the rise. Now, optimizers have to ensure that the website is easily accessed through the mobile devices. A thorough research on how the mobile users would like to use your site coupled with a proper use of the resources is necessitated to allow your site work on all popular devices and browsers.

Social Networking

Social media has already established its importance in search engine optimization. The social networking platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and so on need to be extensively used by the optimizers. Google pays a lot of importance on how often a piece of content or a particular update gets shared in the social media.

The list of strategies and tactics in the field of search engine optimization is a never- ending one. However, the above- mentioned few are sure to gain more importance and prominence in the days to come.

Author Bio

Saurya Ghosal, with his long- term association with a leading search engine optimization firm, shares information on some of the popular SEO trends of the present year, 2013.