Matt Cutts SEO


What Matt Cutts explains in this video is something we have been stressing for years. “SEO” or “search engine optimization” should not only refer to building links or increasing rankings. Search engine optimization is something much bigger than that. It is the process of being efficient at all times with everything you do online. SEO requires a person to have the ability to really look at the big picture. Just saying I want to be #1 in Google is an ignorant statement. SEO is diverse and robust delivering traffic from many different directions.

Here are some examples:

  • Building a website and having conversion metrics properly in place (that’s being efficient)
  • Writing a press release and utilizing keywords, video & graphics (that’s being efficient)
  • Writing a blog and interlinking other like minded posts including great imagery (that’s being efficient)

Do you see where we are going here?


Watch this video to understand more



5 SEO Mistakes

Yes! We love it when Google explores search engine optimization and makes videos because it is one of those areas they tend to tread lightly in so to speak. They don’t dislike all SEO’s because when done correctly we actually help catalog information and pages that in turn helps their search identify which pages make sense to showcase, does that make sense to you? Basically not all individuals in the SEO industry are spammers. Many like us like to wear a marketing and branding hat only helping to make our clients search results more robust and user friendly.  Good quality SEO will help build a brand, provide various streams of inbound traffic and create overall authority to your site.

I’m just going to say it, Maile Ohye is quickly becoming our favorite Google face to listen and watch regarding search activity and tips (sorry Matt we still love you too). In this new Google Webmaster SEO video Maile Ohye discusses some of the biggest mistakes people attempting SEO make in today’s online business world.

Here are some key points Maile discusses:

  • What differentiates your website from the others? Work on user experience, conversion aspects and brand.
  • Lack of communication between departments leading  to too much segmentation.
  • Cutting corners on time consuming activities in order to speed up the process.
  • Getting caught up in SEO trends and industry chatter.
  • Lack of ability to evolve (our favorite!).