Twitter for Small Business


It doesn’t matter if you own a small local business or a mid to large company with ample employees — you need Twitter. I know it sounds very cliche to say you need to be active on Twitter but the truth is that it is an important platform to get in front of your audience if you are serious about social media marketing.   Twitter has an option for small businesses to leverage their voice on the pages of their social networking platform.


Twitter advertising comes in two different flavors.


  • Promoted profiles
  • Promoted tweets
Here are some of the highlights from the Twitter site:
  • Get started in minutes: we provide ongoing management of your advertising.
  • No previous advertising experience is required. If you can tweet, you can advertise on Twitter.
  • Gain new followers: Promoted Accounts helps your small business connect with new people who want to hear from you and can spread the word about your business to others.
  • Amplify your Tweets: Promoted Tweets helps your small business get your messages in front of more of the right people. Twitter will take out the guesswork by automatically identifying and promoting your most engaging Tweets.
  • Pay per follower for Promoted Accounts and per engagement (click, retweet, reply, and favorite) for Promoted Tweets.
  • Target the whole world, specific countries, or limit your reach to specific U.S. metropolitan areas.”