Managing Social Media


When it comes to launching social media campaigns, things can get out of hand—fast. There are accounts to manage, passwords to keep track of, tweets to send, a blog to update, messages to respond to, brand integrity to maintain, and, perhaps more importantly people to manage (if you’re the guy/gal in charge).

Things only become more complicated when the campaign is being maintained by multiple managers. How can you keep track of it all and still operate a smooth-sailing campaign? The answer is simple: don’t keep track of it all.

Instead, employ a software program to help you manage it all. With access to so many applications, it seems almost silly to not take advantage of all the things available out there to help smooth out and organize your campaign with very little effort from you, the user.

Here are the best of the best:






This tool helps you subscribe to the big influencers in your industry and see their shared content appear on your mobile reader app and, more importantly, share it on your site. So streamlined, so informed.






Ever wanted to know what important industry leaders are saying? This tool lets you follow folks in your industry, and never miss an update from big brands or prominent personalities as they publish. The app will help you figure out what’s trending, and give you ideas on ways to capitalize on new information and stay ahead of the curve. You can even turn the published work into your site’s own weekly roundup of relevant, important, timely and timely content.


Scoop It


Scoop It Screenshot


Similar to Pinterest, Scoop It lets you create content boards and pin awesome web content that can be used to draft newsletter, provide a repository of content to be shared on social media platforms, or any number of valuable content media for your followers.




Hootsuite Screenshot


This will let you harness the reins of your various social media accounts. With Hootsuite, you can manage your accounts, keep track of brand mentions and industry trends, and schedule social sharing so you don’t have to actively operate your social media in live time. It also houses analytic tools to help you track and measure your social media activity so you can best strategize for and execute your campaign.




Earthintegrate Screenshot


This tool is particularly helpful for companies who have multiple hands in the marketing pot. EarthIntegrate is a platform system that allows you to house all company content in one place, and distribute it out to various teams and departments easily. Need content sent out to your sales team? To your marketing management staff? Need a place to house consistent brand information? Finally, a tool to help. More information on streamlining in-house content sharing here.

One of the biggest hurdles in the social media race is keeping yourself on the track. Thankfully, with the right apps and software platforms, you can stop agonizing over all the little details and focus on the bigger picture.


About author:

Amanda Elam is the Marketing Director at EarthIntegrate. She lives in Houston, where she balances her time between her family (husband, three kids, and several dogs) and the fascinating world of Enterprise-Level Distributed Marketing Platforms.