Social Media for Profits

Here are a few social media marketing ideas that you can warp and twist to suit your own needs. Try taking the premise and using it as a template for your own social media marketing campaigns. If you can decipher the motivators that make these ideas so successful, then you can use apply them to your own campaign.

Present videos of your products undergoing extreme conditions

This can be done on YouTube, and it is going to make a massive difference from the other promotional videos that are on there. You can give demonstrations of your products if you like, but it will not draw in a lot of people. If you give demonstrations of how good your product is under extreme conditions, you automatically have a hook (a draw) that will lure people in to looking at your other videos.

Instead of splashing water on your tablet products, host a video of a diver using it underwater to take a photo of a fish. You could even end the video with the picture of the fish and your website address underneath.

Instead of showing your computer sat in the sun getting warm without breaking, why not put it in an oven. You could have a temperature gauge on the screen to show people how hot it is in the oven. You will have to speed up the video so that it does not get boring.

You could show someone using the computer as the computer gets hotter and hotter in the oven. The video goes back to its normal speed when the temperature gets so hot that the computer stops working. You can then show people just how hot the machine needs to get before it breaks. You could end the video with the computer steaming and the tag line, “XXXX computers, we can take the heat!”

Start an “I can’t believe it’s not” campaign on your profiles

You can post images of your products in different circumstances. For every image that you post, it must be followed by a tag line that states, “I can’t believe it’s not,” followed by something relating to the image.

For example, you could show a picture of a mobile phone that you sell. It may have a small rock attached to it as it floats in a swimming pool, but it is still not sinking. Your tag line could be, “I can’t believe it’s not sinking.” Every now and again, once people are used to your gimmick, you could run adverts about your competitors’ products with the line, “I can’t believe it’s not working.”

You could even try cheesier lines for your own products such as, “I can’t believe it’s not more expensive.”

Tell people you will give commission for sales they help

People on social media may be willing to engage with the idea that they can earn something for referrals. If you can build enough trust and credibility so that people believe your offer, then consider adding a financial incentive. If people send you a customer who makes a sale, then the referring party receives a payment. It is a risky move that few companies are able to pull off, but if you can work it then you may be able to expand without hiring a sales force.

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