Social media marketing


There is more to social media than just being a way to share your thoughts online. Businesses and brands everywhere use it as a marketing tool to spread the word around and reach a global, more widespread audience.


That said, keeping an eye on your social media engagement and impressions is vital to identify your target audience and improve your ranking on SERPs. However, trying to keep tabs on every social media post, like, share, tweet, or comment related to your business is tedious work.


But don’t let this overwhelm you. There are many social media tools out there that allow you to create an effective social media strategy.


These social media tools cater to various aspects of your business’s social media planning, from scheduling the content posting to creating the content itself to monitoring responses. There are even some tools that allow you to monitor your competitions’ outreach or track specific keywords.


That said, to get your content noticed via the help of social media and increase your reach, a combination of these tools will benefit you loads. So, without further ado, let us look at some of these social media tools down below. They are sure to give your social media marketing efforts a significant boost.



Hootsuite is an easy-to-use, practical social media management tool that allows you to track your keywords and other social media efforts efficiently. It is a one-size-fits-all platform that enables you to manage several social media platforms from a single, dedicated place.


Not to mention, you’ll get alerts when search engine rankings change or if a keyword’s ranking changes. Moreover, when you see an opportunity to reach out to influencers or potential customers, you can use Hootsuite’s dashboard to respond to them directly. Plus, you can also track sentiments according to gender, location, and language.


If you want to give it a try, you can download the trial version. However, you might not be able to use some paid features. Paid subscriptions start from a professional plan worth 29 dollars and go to 599 dollars for a business plan.



Awario is a social media tool that allows you to highlight your brand’s, competitor’s, or industry’s keywords. While this tool might be the new kid on the block, it comes equipped with a wide range of professional-level analytics features, including top influencers, mention maps, share-of-voice, sentiment analysis, and much more.


Moreover, this tool is perfect for your business’s online reputation management. It provides you with a platform to interact with your brand’s mentions on various social media platforms. You can download and try Awario for free for 14 days.


Subscription plans range from 29 dollars per month for a starter plan to 299 dollars per month for an enterprise one. However, if you purchase a yearly plan, you can save around 15 percent.


Unbox Social

Unbox social is a great social media tool if you want to increase your brand’s social reach. It provides real-time insights into your social media accounts, be it Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Some features include the ability to track post reach and impressions, engagement rates, follower demographics, to name a few.


From a single dashboard, you’ll be able to measure your social media reach against your competitors’ performance while tracking all of your social media campaigns. Moreover, you follow and compare your hashtags against your competitors to see how they are doing.


After all, these insights are vital to creating social media marketing strategies that work, allowing you to reach millions of customers worldwide. To know of pricing, you can visit unbox social website and ask for a quotation.


Prices aren’t fixed as this tool allows you to choose from various social media management features, according to which costs can vary drastically.



Mention is another effective web monitoring and social media management tool. Its main features include API access and a hand influencer dashboard. In addition, mention has its own’ Insights Center’ that you can customize and automate according to your preferences.


Subscriptions usually range from solo, which costs 29 dollars per month, to a starter plan that costs 99 dollars per month, to a custom plan which you can adjust according to your liking. Moreover, if you buy a yearly plan, you can save up to 15 percent on every subscription type.


However, historical data is only available to users who purchase the custom plan.



Talkwalker is the perfect tool for agencies looking to manage their brand’s social media reputation. Furthermore, if you’re interested in Analytics, there Is no better tool out there. Its features include automated report generation, image analysis, real-time text analysis, and much more.


You can go for the free version to try out this tool. However, it will only last you for seven days. The premium plan costs 9600 dollars which you’ll have to pay yearly. Visit their website to request enterprise or corporate-level subscription prices.



With the help of Keyhole, you’ll receive all vital analytics on your social media mentions, such as keyword clouds, sentiment analysis, and mention maps that show which countries your social media mentions originated from.


However, this tool works exclusively with Instagram and Twitter. That said, if you purchase the Enterprise plan, you’ll also receive Youtube and Facebook analytics.


Keyhole has five pricing tires – the Agency subscription plan is worth 999 dollars per month, the corporate is for 599 dollars per month, the team is for 359 dollars a month, and the professional is for 199 dollars per month. For enterprise prices, you’ll have to demand a quote from Keyhole’s website.



If your business’s page is based on Twitter, Tweetdeck is the perfect tool for you to manage your Twitter presence and reach. Moreover, it also allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts in one single package.


Its features include a column for monitoring keywords, a search engine for managing keywords according to date, engagement, location, and language. Plus, you can also specify authors and the negative keywords you want to follow.


Surprisingly, this social media management tool doesn’t cost a single dime! However, as mentioned before, the downside is that it works exclusively with Twitter and no other social media platform.



BuzzSumo is an excellent tool for identifying the most famous content across the web and every social media platform there is. However, its Facebook page monitoring feature is the most effective one compared to the tool’s other countless features.


Buzzsumo also has features that tell you the type of content that works best, the best days to publish your posts, and how long every post should be.


You can sign up for a free account with Buzzsumo. However, individuals looking for an upgrade can choose from four different options. The enterprise subscription is for 499 dollars per month, the large subscription si for 299 dollars per month, the plus is for 179 dollars per month, and the pro is 99 dollars per month. If you purchase a yearly subscription, you can save around 20 percent on the subscription plan of your choice.



Sendible is an all-in-one, fully functional social media management tool. Along with the ability to collaborate and schedule social media content, you also get its unified social inbox which allows you to engage with web and social media mentions. Moreover, Sendible constantly analyzes your social media accounts and offers content suggestions best suited to your target audience.


While you can always try Sendible for free for 30 days, it has four paid subscription options – Large is worth 299 dollars per month, the medium is worth 199 dollars per month, the small is 99 dollars per month, and the micro is worth 29 dollars per month.


The subscription you go for depends on your social media management requirements. Sometimes, you’ll be able to make do with the micro subscription.



Since we’ve already looked at a Twitter-only management tool, now let’s take a look at one that specializes in Instagram and Pinterest. These are two popular visual-based social media platforms. So, if you’re using these two platforms for your business, give Tailwind a whirl.


With the help of Tailwind, you’ll be able to manage and schedule your feeds according to your preferences while receiving detailed analytical reports on everything you post. Moreover, Tailwind also lets you keep tabs on your competitors’ Instagram and Pinterest activity.


That said, you can try Tailwind for free. However, with the trial version, you’ll only get the bare essential. To unlock more features, you can go for the Max subscription, which costs 39.99 dollars per month, the advanced one, which costs 19.99 dollars per month, or the pro one, which only costs 9.99 dollars per month.



TweetRaeach is an effective tool that allows you to monitor the reachability of your tweets. In addition, it measures the impact your social media interactions have on your brand while tracking the effectiveness of your social media campaigns. Moreover, it will enable you to identify your most influential followers, allowing you to design content that caters more specifically to them. Plus, you can also track relevant topics through keywords and hashtags via TweetReach. However, the best feature of this tool is that it is entirely free.



In the end, you must choose a tool that caters to your brand’s specific social media management needs and requirements, whether you want to find leads, increase your reach, improve brand awareness, or all of the above.


Also, don’t forget that the most vital part of social media management is actual customer engagement with every piece of content you put out. If you cannot publish high-quality content, these tools won’t do you any good whatsoever.



Managing Social Media


When it comes to launching social media campaigns, things can get out of hand—fast. There are accounts to manage, passwords to keep track of, tweets to send, a blog to update, messages to respond to, brand integrity to maintain, and, perhaps more importantly people to manage (if you’re the guy/gal in charge).

Things only become more complicated when the campaign is being maintained by multiple managers. How can you keep track of it all and still operate a smooth-sailing campaign? The answer is simple: don’t keep track of it all.

Instead, employ a software program to help you manage it all. With access to so many applications, it seems almost silly to not take advantage of all the things available out there to help smooth out and organize your campaign with very little effort from you, the user.

Here are the best of the best:






This tool helps you subscribe to the big influencers in your industry and see their shared content appear on your mobile reader app and, more importantly, share it on your site. So streamlined, so informed.






Ever wanted to know what important industry leaders are saying? This tool lets you follow folks in your industry, and never miss an update from big brands or prominent personalities as they publish. The app will help you figure out what’s trending, and give you ideas on ways to capitalize on new information and stay ahead of the curve. You can even turn the published work into your site’s own weekly roundup of relevant, important, timely and timely content.


Scoop It


Scoop It Screenshot


Similar to Pinterest, Scoop It lets you create content boards and pin awesome web content that can be used to draft newsletter, provide a repository of content to be shared on social media platforms, or any number of valuable content media for your followers.




Hootsuite Screenshot


This will let you harness the reins of your various social media accounts. With Hootsuite, you can manage your accounts, keep track of brand mentions and industry trends, and schedule social sharing so you don’t have to actively operate your social media in live time. It also houses analytic tools to help you track and measure your social media activity so you can best strategize for and execute your campaign.




Earthintegrate Screenshot


This tool is particularly helpful for companies who have multiple hands in the marketing pot. EarthIntegrate is a platform system that allows you to house all company content in one place, and distribute it out to various teams and departments easily. Need content sent out to your sales team? To your marketing management staff? Need a place to house consistent brand information? Finally, a tool to help. More information on streamlining in-house content sharing here.

One of the biggest hurdles in the social media race is keeping yourself on the track. Thankfully, with the right apps and software platforms, you can stop agonizing over all the little details and focus on the bigger picture.


About author:

Amanda Elam is the Marketing Director at EarthIntegrate. She lives in Houston, where she balances her time between her family (husband, three kids, and several dogs) and the fascinating world of Enterprise-Level Distributed Marketing Platforms.