Social Media Marketing Blunders

Welcome to social media!  As a business owner, you have probably resisted social media market as long as possible.  After all, it was hard to see any marketing value in a network with members who either have Bieber Fever or an insistence on regaling everyone with tales of their latest keg stand.

Nevertheless, you have arrived.  Therefore, we won’t waste time by praising the smart decision you have made.  Instead, we’ll jump right into what you may already be doing wrong.  Here are a few mistakes newbie – and veteran – social media marketers make.

Thinking social media is just like all your other marketing campaigns.

Social media is an entirely different beast.  You can’t approach it like you would anything else.  You are probably used to putting your message out there and letting the public gobble it up.  However, one-way communication won’t work on social media – no matter how clever and insightful your message is.  Interact with your followers.  Ask some questions.  Respond to their comments.  Otherwise, if you aren’t engaging with your followers, you might as well be yelling into space.

Giving up.

Building an audience takes time.  Seeing a return on your investment takes even more time.  After all,Romewasn’t built in a day.  So many business owners dive into social media with high expectations, only to give up because they are impatient.  You might think it is a bummer to only have 100 followers.  But think of this:

  • Who says those 100 followers aren’t worthy of engaging, unique content?
  • Gradually, you’ll add more followers.  Wouldn’t it be great if those new fans could look back and benefit from a well-established history of activity?

Being ignorant of your audience demographics.

Take time to determine your target audience.  Then, dive head first into the social media platform that has the highest concentration of that audience.  Otherwise, you’ll be selling to an audience that doesn’t want or need your product.  You probably won’t change their mind; therefore, you’ll be wasting your precious resources alienating people who were never your audience to begin with.

Not being honest with yourself.

Pay very close attention to what we are going to say.  You just joined a social network.  That means you must be social.  Get it?  If you don’t like interacting with other people, why bother with social media?!  If you can’t drum up the enthusiasm to interact with total strangers, hire someone who is passionate about interpersonal communication.

Good luck with your latest marketing endeavor.  Sure, there will be days when you just can’t stand to see one more post about talented young celebrities who don’t know anything about hard work.  But for the most part, your B2B efforts in social media should be pleasant!

Guest blogger Jason Becker works in online marketing.  He has recently helped his clients at Trim Nutrition market HCG shots via facebook and twitter.